Logbook entry

Scubadog / 09 Jun 3305
Mission Accomplished: Rest Well, Draco!

The Silverbacks gathered for a succession of activities to honor our lost comrade, Draco-cdn.  Although his passing was very sudden and unexpected, it was a stark reminder of why we call ourselves The Silverbacks.  The years and the miles have peppered our hair--what there is left of it--and left us a cussedly determined bunch to keep on at keeping on.  We gathered at our home station, Janes Horizons in the Arexe system,  then got up to some fair shenanigans in a nearby ice ring.

Following on to Vinge Keep, also in Arexe, to engage in the next phase of memorial.  Then this motley crew sailed to the Etamin system, aka, 33 Gamma Draconis (appropriately).  We settled on the moon of the 5th planet and watched a fine sunset as we share stories and words about our fallen member, our friend.

After a haphazard 21 gun salute (there was probably alcohol involved somewhere, so there might have been a few more than 21 guns, and some of the shots may have hit each other).  A little bit more shenanigans ensued, including a Type 9 literally crushing an SRV into the ground.  Good times.

Finally, a handful of Silverbacks who had an AX-ready ship met in the DAN system to take on a few Thargoids.  There were successes and there were failures, but more of the former than the latter, thankfully.  Bughunting was Draco's passion and gift.  It was fitting.  Over the next few hours one by one our numbers dwindled.  I cruised back to Arexe to store all my Guardian tech--except the FSD booster, of course--and configure my Clipper for the long launch back to Colonia.  As I record this, I'm nearly ready to go.  Sadly, no matter what I do, I can't get this Clipper above about a 37ly jump range.  This is going to be painful.  But she's my only ride home.  I don't even think I'll include an SRV.  I have a few more what-if calculations to do for the final config, and then I'm off to Colonia Dream.

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