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Korzhakov / 10 Jun 3305
Time for a test run

I received word that the Karelian Dawn was finished with her maintenance cycle and detailing and she was back to factory new. I thanked the service manager and informed him I would be there shortly to inspect her and accept her out of maintenance.

I left our home and made my way up to the docks, I boarded a shuttle for the quick jump to Asura and the short trip to Mizuno Dock. I arrive at the service center and look over the maintenance logs, I walk over to her hangar and begin the acceptance inspection. It takes a couple of hours to complete, but you don't take chances with your ship when traveling through space. I have Verity run all systems diagnosis and every single system is running at peak performance.

I head back to the office, sign the documents and pay the service center for the work and throw in a nice gratuity for the excellent work.

I head back to her hangar and have Verity run a pre-flight and set the one jump route to TIR. I queue up the post maintenance checklist on the right hand display and start the checklist on the way up to the flight deck. Pre-flight complete, all lights green, clearance requested, then granted, thrusters spooling up and I am off the pad, gear up, slow ahead towards the air lock. Nice and easy inside the station, I clear the entrance and accelerate to 95mps. I take a 45 degree turn to the right and clear the stations heavy traffic, I'll stay close for the first few tests. All axis of flight check good, all thrusters working as advertised, stick response normal and no control excursions, she is doing great.

Throttles full, and the Dawn accelerates up to max speed in short order, boost on and she jumps up to full boost speed. Throttles back and she slows to a stop. Flight assist off and she drifts like she is supposed to and all thrusters working perfectly. Flight assist back on and we have normal flight again.

All sub light systems check out, time to engage the Frame Shift Drive and put her in super-cruise. 4,3,2,1 engage, and were accelerating towards the speed of light in no time. 1C,2C,5C,10C and it keeps going,right on schedule. I drop throttles to idle and check out the DSS and FSS systems, everything appears to be in working order.

Everything looking good, I plot the jump to TIR and spool up the FSD to high wake out of Asura. Seconds later I am coming into TIR and turning towards home. I am happy to report that the Dawn is ready for full duty, which is good as there are some contracts I would like to handle to work on local trade a bit.

I drop at Bolden's Enterprise and request a landing pad, I am on the deck in no time and the ship tucked away in the hangar for a bit while I go grab the grandson from the house and then pick up a few runs to take the boy out and show him how trade works for a Commander. He likes riding in the jump seat of the Phantom and always has fun hanging out with his papa.
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