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Korzhakov / 11 Jun 3305
Bouncing around the local area

I loaded up my grandson after picking up a couple of cargo and data runs in one jump distances. We head off and each time we drop off cargo or data packets, we pick up more missions.

We stack the missions so that we have everything going to one particular system loaded up in our hold and computer. We land, drop off and pick up more. Then some of the locals start to give us follow up missions since they know they can count on us now.

We spend the afternoon and evening trying to help stave off an outbreak in one system while supporting expansion data in a couple of others. We move minerals, and bio-waste, fish and manufactured parts. Delivering all in time and with no issues. Had lots of pirates try to interdict me only to find I am more skilled at my job than they are at theirs.

I think Silas enjoyed the flying while avoiding interdiction more than the regular point to point flights.

I treated the little guy to his favorite dinner of cheeseburgers and crispy french fries while we were waiting for the longshoremen to get a large load of cargo on board. When we made the last jump into TIR we had two stops, one at a small outpost and the other at home. After we put the Karelian Dawn to bed for the night, all tucked into her hangar, I told my grandson I was going to pay him a crew share of 100,000 credits for all the help he was. He would sweep the cargo hold in between loads, he would go to the galley and grab my coffee or water, he even made us lunch. I think I'll use the enterprising young man as crew any chance I get. He's fun to fly with, and I like getting to answer all of the "Papa. what's that?" questions each time he sees something he has never experienced.

Overall a good day, a few solid hours of flying, an easy 6 million plus for my trouble. Though with all the interdiction attempts, I am starting to get tempted to have the Venatrix transported out here to the region. I wouldn't even try to evade, just drop out and blast them into oblivion. But at 195,000,000 for the transfer fee, that's a lot of credits out of the account for a ship I'd have to fly back to the bubble in a couple of months.

Will see how I feel about it in a few days of doing cargo and data runs.
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