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AustralianChaos / 12 Jun 3305
AustralianChaos' Beagle Voyage, Log 07

June 12, 3305
Day: 31
Distance from Kunti: 31,695.59ly
Distance from Colonia: 11,150.31ly
Distance to Waypoint 05: 11,126.25ly
Distance to Beagle Point: 35,211.90

Well, it’s been more or less a month since I left home, and I’ve made solid progress. The trip from Colonia to the next waypoint in this nebula hasn’t been all smooth sailing, though.

To start with, I ended up adrift a few thousand light years from civilisation when I fell sick just a couple of days after leaving Colonia. Ended up making no progress for a week while I burned through medical supplies and generally caught up on rest. The next week since then has been slow as I allow myself the energy to properly recover. Yesterday was a vast improvement, though, managing a marathon 5,000 light year stint to make the waypoint. If you account for my time spent in Colonia and bedridden with illness, I’m still ahead of schedule in terms of time actually spent flying and how far I’ve come. But with Colonia behind me and hopefully the one big illness these long trips always seem to insist on dealt with, I can continue at a much more steady pace from here on out.

But yesterday’s marathon run came at a price in a bizarre incident that reminded me just how far I am from home and how deadly even the smallest problems can be. I suffered some kind of malfunction in the flight controls right as I was scooping fuel from a red dwarf star. M-class stars like that tend to be small and quite cold...for raging cosmic fusion furnaces, anyway...which of course requires flying in really low to get the best scoop rates. Unfortunately, that was the moment my flight controls randomly turned hypersensitive, and my gentle pitch down to follow the curvature of the star as I flew around turned into a violent nosedive straight for the hyper-molten surface of the thing. Thankfully, the StarNova’s emergency systems kicked in and yanked me out of supercruise before I could drop too far, but the high-speed drop to realspace damaged my ship’s systems through the stress, and it was a mad scramble so close to the star to purge the heat from my ship’s systems into a sink and burn the thrusters to get out of there before both myself and my ship cooked. Naturally, I’m still alive to send this message...but it was a heart-stopping moment so far from home, one I’m not keen to repeat. My AFMUs came in real handy to repair the damage, though the power plant’s integrity can’t be dealt with until I find a dock with repair facilities, which I am a very, very long way from. The next scheduled station stop isn’t until Explorer’s Anchorage, near the galactic core...but that’s not until I’m on my way home. Still, the damage is minimal, well within safety tolerances, so after some diagnostics to confirm all the systems are green, we pressed onwards.

The last couple of days have seen me pass a few milestones, too. The other day we just barely surpassed my personal record for the furthest distance I’ve ever travelled from Sol, beyond the 26,000 light years of Sagittarius A. And yesterday we confirmed that we have passed by the galactic center, now on the far side of the galaxy from Sol. Even so, I’m still not quite halfway to Beagle Point, but if I can pick up the pace a little, I should get there within the next month.

Yesterday also saw me reach the fourth waypoint on my journey, the first one after Colonia. The waypoints are nothing special, really, just systems marked as waypoints to break the trip up into segments my ship’s navigation systems can handle. This has broken up the run between Colonia and Beagle Point into roughly 10,000 light year segments, and tomorrow I’ll be setting off on the next of those legs.

Unfortunately discoveries out here have been minimal, a bunch of metallic terraformables interspersed with scattered water worlds and a lone ammonia world. Even this far out, I seem to be following pathways other commanders have taken, spotting a lot of discovered systems out here. My waypoint marker, in the middle of a nebula, was naturally already explored, but even then finding my second earthlike world of the trip was a nice bonus. Even discovered ones will bring me a nice payout when I get back.

Still, one month down, a few more to go for certain. Barring any incidents, my transmission will likely come when I hit the next waypoint.

CMDR AustralianChaos, signing off.
12/06/3305 0400
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