Logbook entry

Tredwell / 24 May 3305
Distant World II, Journey to Waypoint 9

The expected distance to arrive at Waypoint 9 is some 8,241 lys, which is a long journey. I have decided that I will only stop at the designated points rather than visit POIs. Waypoint 9 is a neutron star, it's one of a number I will be visiting, but none of them are the same, the wave pattern of the fumes is different and just as dangerous and I am happy to do the regular jumps. On arrival at the base camp "Tranquillity Valley", I am unable to deploy the SRV - a similar situation to Waypoint 8. It's only after leaving and a discussion from the Squadron back home that I have understood the reason why. In an attempt to reduce power I have shut down items that I do not need, so the SRV was powered down and inactive, all I had to do was turn on the power. I will remember next time.
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