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Marlfan1 / 18 Jun 3305
Close, but no Cigar!

I was lookin' through my stats a couple of weeks ago while doin' all that engineering and I noticed something that shocked me.  "Distance traveled" was over 39,000LY.  "Systems visited" was around 2,000.  Level 1 scans, level 2 scans level 3 scans yada, yada, yada.  Then I see, "Distance traveled from Starting system"...450 LY"!  

You gotta be Shi!!*#^ me!  Thats all?  Thats it?  I have traveled 39,000LY in 450LY worth of space??  You take that back!  That makes me feel like a ping pong ball in an Atari gaming system, "Boop...Boop...Boop...Boop."  That ain't right, I tell ya.  It just ain't!  

Ain't there one o' them engineer fellas what wants you to travel over 5,000 LY from yer starting point before he'll even talk to ya?  Heck, I thought I was doin' good!   I was just 57% from Elite in Exploration!  Thanks to all that rare's trading and septic tank poop runs I am just 40% from Elite in trading.  Combat, well, when yer not messin' yer pants about to die by laser fire, the Adrenalin rush is awesome, but I ain't done a whole lotta that.  I am just over half way through the Expert rank there.

But, Exploration?  I always considered myself a wanderin' spirit ever since the Ex kicked me, er, invited me to leave.  Man, I gotta fix this!  I just bought "Guliver" my Beluga a short while ago.  True I bought him to do station rescue runs, but He'll do won't he?  Well, he does overheat pretty bad, and prolly won't be no outfitting to restock on heat sinks most likely.  I did get "Cricket", my DBX for this kinda thing, so I guess me an "Jimeny"'ll give 'er a go.

54LY jump range, AFMS, Fuel Scoop, a missile rack and a couple of guns so I don't get skeered.  Hey!  why don't I throw in a passenger cabin and make some money on a sightseein' tour!  Boy-howdy, I sure am quick thinkin'!  Toss in a DSS for planet scannin'  and an SRV bay for mats when I land to camp out at night and we are golden!

I tell my fighter pilot my plans.  He just turns all pasty-white and his jaw drops open staring at me.  He gives himself a shake and says, "I'm out."  Turns and goes to his bunk in "Vengeance", my Vette, grabs his kit and takes off.  Well, guess I'll need to hire a new pilot when I get back.  Heck, I might even learn this next one's name!  Nah, Prolly not.
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27 Jun 3305
Close, but no Cigar! 3
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18 Jun 3305
Close, but no Cigar!
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