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Korzhakov / 20 Jun 3305
Switch Hitter

I started off doing a few cargo runs around the area. I can't believe what some of these groups will pay for a 1 jump cargo haul. I in just the few days of owning the new Python "Damaged Reputation" I have made back 163,000,000 of it's 253,000,000 price tag. I'd say that's pretty good. At this rate she will have paid for herself in less than two weeks, and that's a return on investment that is hard to beat.

So a few runs here and there and it's another huge increase in credits. I take a break, spend the afternoon taking the grandson over to Jaques to meet the wife for lunch. We meet at Jaques Cafe and I order my the soup and sandwich, the wife gets her salad and the grandson has a burger. We enjoy our time and decide to take a walk to the hangar deck instead of the transports. It's nice to do things like that as a family.

Silas and I board the "Damaged Reputation" and we jump back to Tir and I take him back to the house. I then head back down and I have the Vulture pulled out of storage and made ready for some bounty hunting.

I jump to Ogmar and head over to the hazardous resource extraction site. I pick my targets carefully as I am alone in and in a small fighter. I take on several targets that are much bigger than me, but not as maneuverable. It also doesn't hurt that my beam laser can run almost indefinitely. that thing eats shields quickly. I take on single targets and do well taking a few bounties. Then while working on a ship that was wanted who was also being hunted by a wing of 2 that were also wanted, I must have accidentally scratched one of them because both of them attacked me. One in a Krait MkII and the other in a Adder. I take on the Krait first as his shields were already low. He is a tough target but I take him down with minimal damage to my shields. I turn to the adder and she is easy compared to the MkII.

Then I pick on a federal gunship, and that is always when I get my shields taken down and some hull damage before I destroy them. So a quick hop to Dervish Platform and I'm ready to get back in the fight.

Back onsite it doesn't take long and a dropship engagement goes really badly for me. don't get me wrong it went far worse for the dropship, but by time he exploded into a million pieces, he had dropped my shields and went through about 48% of my hull integrity, as well as disabling my beam laser. But I claimed the bounty on his head and I limped back home for the night.

But of course once I docked, there were requests for me to run high paying cargo, so over to the python and off I went again. Just to two systems this time, and while in Ogmar once more I turned in my bounty vouchers for another 1.2 million.

Overall a very productive and profitable day.

The Vulture will be good as new by tomorrow and perhaps later this week I will hunt again.
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