Logbook entry

Traegon / 19 Jun 3305
To Colonia and Beyond - Personal Log - Day 5.

It's not as bad as Verity originally reported, but a good deal worse than I would like.  I'm not sure what happened.  I came out of the jump too close to the star and the ship took a great deal of heat damage, even with the heat sinks being deployed.  I managed to pull away from the star only long enough to see that I was badly damaged and transmitted my message before finding a suitable planet to land on.  Sadly, that's where my trouble began.

I've managed a controlled landing without damaging the ship much further, but I'll definitely need to repaint the ship's belly now.  Gear indicated fully down when they weren't, and thrusters were among the damaged systems so they didn't decelerate the ship fast enough. The landing definitely could've been better, but I'm alive and the ship appears to be salvageable, so it could've been a great deal worse.  My biggest concern at this point is the radio.  Verity cannot even confirm that my mayday was sent.  Life support appears fine for an extended stay, but I'm not planning to stay long enough to test the limits of survivability.

The inventory systems were damaged as well, and were not reporting the correct amount of resources.  I have what I need for basic repairs, but the transfer systems are damaged and I cannot replicate the repair materials for the AFMU until I can fix that.  Assuming I can, I'm rationing exactly what to repair and what not to.  These supplies won't last forever, and I cannot restock until I return.

Verity, note module repair order:

  • AFMU Transfer systems
  • Cargo Hatch
  • Ship-Wide life support
  • Communications
  • Fuel Scoop
  • Thrusters
  • Navigation
  • FSD

Everything else can be sacrificed for now.  If I can't send a message or get off this rock, none of those systems really matter anyway.  Let's get to it.  Verity, end recording.
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