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Nullvektor / 24 Jun 3305

Thanks to my recent good fortune with Painite mining, I decided to splurge and obtain a Krait Mk II. I've got one back at Ratraii, so this one is a bit superfluous, but I just love having easy access to a coffee maker right there on the bridge. In any event, this Krait can also work as a module mule-- a host for properly engineering all of the A-rated modules I can't get in Colonia that I can then ship out there.

So I did! Thermo-block, hi-cap bi-wave shields, maxed-out power plant, dirty drag drives, overcharged incendiary multicannons, the works. Made quick enough work of a few low-level bounties that I didn't even notice I had forgotten to pack two things. What made me remember was about 30 seconds after I had popped an Imperial Courier when its wingmen pounced and chewed away my shields. I hit the fighter launch sequencer and heard nothing but the bulkheads groaning and snapping. Was my fighter bay damaged along with my armor? No! They were perfectly operable-- BACK AT JAMESON MEMORIAL.

My escape pod coasting slowly through the LaGrange point, I had plenty of time to punch in the Pilot's Federation customer service number into the transponder and pay the re-buy costs, which reinforced the lesson: don't hang out in dangerous resource zones without a properly outfitted ship. This goes beyond forgetting limpets or a refinery when setting out for a mining run, after all.


Ah well, I'll recoup the losses with another Painite run. After that, it's off on the Apollo 11 anniversary expedition! Ad Astra!
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