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Tan Bin Phan Nguyen / 25 Jun 3305

So much has transpired over the last few weeks, it's been too much to stay updated in these log entries, but I presume it's time to get caught up. Arbor Caelum has been growing faster than I anticipated. When I had that dream, I never would have expected it to materialize so quickly. Here now, I've got a dozen commanders together where once they were scattered. The distance between them is now null regardless of the light years. And new arrivals each day.
My officers and I have gone through a rigorous selection process to dial down the systems we may want to call home. Finally we've reached a shortlist we are content with. Time to ply the local authorities and see if we can rent some office space in one of these systems. Hopefully they wont charge a premium for foreigners like us. Aliens no matter where we land. Thank goodness for the Pilot's Federation badge, I swear, without it we'd be labeled jackbooted thugs in every system we land. Some of these surface dwellers are so backwards, I swear.
It's a strange transition to go from nameless wanderer to a locus of activity. Logistics, negotiations, partnerships, it's been a whirlwind of activity and often times I find myself reminiscing of my days out beyond the last marks of humanity. Things are a bit different now, but I expect that this, like all things, may be transient.
On an apparently unrelated note, I received a parcel last night from an unknown entity. I've reviewed security tapes and asked around the quad where I'm staying for now, nobody saw the person who made the delivery. When I woke this morning, there was an hardcopy envelope waiting in my box. Contained within was nearly 80 pages of read-only vellum entitled: "The Holdstock Report: A combined history of the galaxy explaining the origins of the great galactic conspiracy." It appears to be a sanitized missive made public by the organization known as The Children of Raxxla. It would seem the CoR aren't much for succinct titles... this should be an interesting read.
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