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Jav Marlo / 27 Jun 3305


24 JUN 3305, Morgan’s Rock asteroid base, system GC 6188 Sector LC-V c2-28

Recording. Ok, let’s see if there is anybody home. I hope they remember me.

Hello. Ahem. This is Jav Marlo, on board the Hyperion, landed at Morgan’s Rock asteroid base, in system GC 6188 Sector LC-V c2-28, attempting to contact the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps Command. Can anybody hear me?

I was recruited months ago by commander Dna-Decay, but soon after departed the Bubble to participate in Distant Worlds 2 expedition. I have been in deep space for months… and I carry very valuable scan data. I thought it could be useful for the Alliance. I am requesting instructions about how should I proceed.

Jav Marlo attempting to contact AEDC Command from Morgan’s Rock asteroid base (GC 6188 Sector LC-V c2-28)

Hi there, commander Jav Marlo. Welcome back. What is your estimated time of arrival to Wolf 406?

Ahem. I hope to arrive to Hamilton Gateway in two or three days.

Good. We will talk when you arrive. Over.

Well. It seems I am back in business. This expedition is coming to its end.


25 JUN 3305, Morgan’s Rock asteroid base, system GC 6188 Sector LC-V c2-28

This is Jav Marlo, back in the cockpit of the Hyperion, getting ready to depart Morgan’s Rock. I would have liked to rest a little bit more, but I promised to arrive to Hamilton Gateway in two days. It is not far away, but I would hate to be late and, besides, Morgan’s Rock amenities are not very appealing. Anyhow, it was good to sleep in a room for a change, and to have a real shower, even at minimum gravity.

The hangar tech crews have checked the Hyperion. After so many jumps and repairs in deep space, all systems still work properly and only needed minor patching. These installations are not equipped for repainting the ship, but I do not mind. It feels like a badge of honour, the battered and scarred paint after thousands of fuel scoops around stars. I am very proud about how the Hyperion behave all along the way. Now, it is time to face the last stage. Let’s go.

The Hyperion departing Morgan’s Rock asteroid base


Resuming log. I have arrived to system Blu Thua JS-J d9-1, also known as Tark. There are four Earth-like worlds and four Water worlds here, nothing less. One of the richest systems I have ever seen, and a firm candidate for colonization just two thousand light years away from the Bubble.

The Hyperion observing two of the Earth-like worlds of Tark (Blu Thua JS-J d9-1)


26 JUN 3305, system HR 5906.

Resuming log. I have arrived to system HR 5906. According to Distant Worlds 2 Fleet command, there is and abandoned settlement build around a stranded Anaconda here. I want to see it… Here we are… Approaching HR 5906 AB 2 A… Launching probes… That must be it. Unregistered derelict… It is on the edge of a canyon. I will try to land close.

The Hyperion approaching the Stranded Snake Anaconda settlement (HR 5906)

Amazing! They built a base around the stranded Anaconda. It looks very well equipped from here, but no signs of activity.

The Hyperion landed at the Stranded Snake Anaconda settlement (HR 5906)

No welcome committee. No attempts of communication. I can see some manufactured materials scattered around. And that data point seems active. I can see its green lights. Maybe I could be able to download the settlement comms log if I get close enough.

A green light at the Stranded Snake Anaconda settlement (HR 5906)


I have jumped into the SRV and I am closing to a comms uplink. Let’s see what it has to tell.

LOG 1:

Hey Janey come check this out! Looks like we’ve struck the jackpot. I told you there was something out here.
What is it?
A ship. Looks like it’s been here a while. Someone must have crashed and used it as a shelter. Look, they’ve made buildings out of the wreckage. We’ve got to check this out. Who knows what salvage will be in there.
I don’t like it, what if someone’s still in there?
Relax. If there’s someone there, maybe we can trade with them. Come on let’s check it out.

Well, well. Who are these guys? Not the original crew of the Anaconda, of course. Probably scavengers.

Jav Marlo connecting to the comms uplink of the Stranded Snake Anaconda settlement (HR 5906)

Wait. There is more.

LOG 2:

This place gives me the creeps. Can we go back to the SRV now? We’ve had a look around and no one’s home.
Are you kidding me? That’s the best part, we can take anything we like. We need to get to the bridge to see if we can get this thing running again. The ship still has power, the emergency lights are still on and the doors work.

It gets more interesting. They ventured inside the ship. Maybe I should do the same.

Jav Marlo downloading the logs of the Stranded Snake Anaconda settlement (HR 5906)

And there is another piece of data.

LOG 3:

Internal Sensor Array activated.
Security systems coming online.
Hey look, something’s happening. I told you this thing still had power. Now if I can just find the switch to…
Maybe we could fix it up and have second ship. That would be so great, but you’re flying this one. It still gives me the creeps.
Got it. Let me just see if I can override these security measures and we’ll be golden.
Security breach detected removing threat.
Wait a sec, what’s that?
What did you do! Oh hell, shut it off! Shut it off! Shut it off! Shut it off!

I did not like that.  Poor devils. Well, one thing is for sure, I am not coming into that ship to find out what happened. I am collecting all the equipment pieces that are lying around and getting the hell out of here.

Wait. What is that? Under the hull of the Anaconda. May it be?...

Jav Marlo inspecting the wreckage of a SRV at the Stranded Snake Anaconda settlement (HR 5906)

This must be the SRV the scavengers used. It has been shot. Destroyed by someone. And I am not staying here anymore to find by whom. It would be quite ironic to die here, merely four hundred light years away from home, after crossing the whole galaxy, with such a treasure in my databanks.


Here I am. Almost six months later. I am back, at Hamilton Gateway. Home.

Let’s try to make a smooth and fancy landing. After so many months I am feeling a little bit rusty. Why is the entrance spinning so fast? Was it always like that?

The Hyperion approaching Hamilton Gateway.

Done. Switching off systems. Securing the ship. Opening the hatch. Entering the hangar. That was a great trip.  

The Hyperion landed at Hamilton Gateway

I barely remember how to walk. I will have to stay in the low gravity zones of the station for a while. I am so weak. But it is good to be back. It feels really good to be back.


This is Jav Marlo. I have come back to the cockpit of the Hyperion to finish this log and to put the ship into storage. A well-deserved rest. After checking with the station authorities I had a drink, ate a good steak and checked my pending communications. It seems I have been awarded with a diploma for finishing Distant Worlds 2. That was a really nice surprise, but not the only one. I am now a Distant Worlds 2 veteran and have the right to use a special decay on my ship. I had to see how it looks on the Hyperion so I ordered the ship to be repainted and changed the Elite in exploration decay for the Distant Worlds 2 one. It fills me with pride. And the Hyperion looks brand new now. This tough little ship took me to the farthest corner of the galaxy and brought me back home in one piece. It performed incredibly well. For months it was my home and, despite the tiny quarters and the space madness, I am going to miss flying on it.

The Hyperion being put into storage at Hamilton Gateway (Wolf 406)

Well, I think I have a date with the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps Command. All this scan data is burning in my pockets.

Jav Marlo signing out.
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