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John Grant / 18 Jun 3305
I'm Commander Grant, and this is my favorite site on the Internet. Not including *Cough* Hub.

Author's Note: I intend on having fun with this 'logbook' so enjoy the fruits of a bored yet active imagination.

"I made it!"

Lux in Tenebris

So vast the dark Ocean, her shimmering lights like frayed emotion, stifling despair with the new day's promise, "Our finest Hour" is now upon us. A day for us and posterity, a hope, a ray, I glean from thee. Behind this wall of uncertainty and doubt, there exists a fire that won't dare go out. What lies beyond the fractured veil, those who know not what course they sail, gather together and with one breath, in tandem cry, "embrace us, Death." But a silence, swift like a solar wind, answers back, "Do not give in!" As tides of time are always churning, the current swells, the table's turning! The well spring of my soul's rising, hope a torrent, and tears geysing. Death, you shall not Reap today, the seeds we've sewn are here to stay. Millennia from now, our garden growing, yielding a harvest, the fruits of knowing. Then on that day, we who here now stand, remembered as: The Guiding Hand. Shall be hailed as Saints, and Legends who, stood against the Darkness two by two. Come join me now, my Gallant Heroiness, join me at the precipice. Together, you and I will be, the leaders around whom the multitudes rally. You on the front, and I at your back, let the trumpets sound and odds against us stack! Then when the light shines, through the smoke and the haze, we who remain will shrug off our daze. We will rebuild, recapture, renew, and bid the darkness one last Adieu. And then, hands clasped with forged affinity, will forever more - embrace eternity.

~Liara x Fem-shep. *sniff* I also wrote a poem about Fem Shep and Thane titled, 'Siha wouldn't wanna be ya.'

To soon?

Recap: After parting ways with Bertuccio and Fortuna, Fred and I continued on to Magellan's Star. Along the way we came across plenty of interesting systems. Including the most photogenic system ever.

"Wait, is that a Water-world?"

"So Cool!"

Seriously who ever heard of a ringed Water world orbiting a gas giant???

"Hot spring!"

"A planet on a belt, color me intrigued."

"Look how close they are!"

Okay so, mea culpa: There comes a point mid exploration where you stop caring about scanning and you just jump, jump, jump. For me that was realizing that I wasn't going to cross into Tenebrae at Dryman's Point. Instead I had to take a couple thousand light years detour to the shallows at Hawkins Gap. Then once I made it to Lyra's Song I resumed our regularly scheduled scanning. Now we're on the last leg of the haul up to the summit. The struggle is calculating my jumps as close as possible before I can no longer fly by wire-

Alarms sounded as the ship dropped out of supercruise. "Whoa fuck." Verity chastised him with a Hull Breach warning.
"What the hell is going on up there Grant?" Fred said over the intercom.
"That was my bad Fred. There was a targeting glitch: the computer thought I wanted to drop out of supercruise rather than engage the jumpdrive."
"Grant... your piloting is bad and you should feel bad. While we're stopped though I'm running diagnostics and field maintenance."
Grant heaved a dull sigh, "I suppose that means I should pull out my helmet."
"You don't have to, I can fly us back and tell everyone you died on the journey."

He gets like that. Fred Hepburn was originally the famous one in our group. He was known throughout the Federation as one of the best engineers out there. He could turn a shitty fighter into a frigate and a shitty frigate into a dreadnought. So one day I tried to approach him with an idea about turning a frigate into a large fighter. I called it project Normandy. The jerk wouldn't see me. I'd show up at his office day after day, make appointments. Nothing, never got in. Then undeterred I followed him to a bar where I got him drunk. We gambled, drank, gambled, recovered in an alley, then gambled some more. The next morning we awoke in a hole in the wall with four girls who smelled of cigarettes and poor life choices. Afterwards I never let him live that day down. Today he still grumbles when I walk in the room.

He secured his helmet, "How much longer?" Suddenly all the monitors went down and life support began its countdown. "You're a dick Fred."

Isabella and I have known each other since high school. She was the popular one then, wouldn't give me the time of day. Then one day a couple of guys were harassing her. So I puffed up my chest and started over to them. Before I could get to her she had already maced them and put them on their asses. So there I am just gawking at her when she turns to me and says, "You want some to?" My reward was a face full of mace. Afterwards I did everything I could to get her attention. Wrote her letters, sent her flowers, left a teddy bear in her locker, then she sicced security on me for breaking into her locker. I was in love. Finally one day she gives in and we're to meet up after school. There I am waiting when the goons from before show up bucking for a fight. I kicked their asses and told them to stay away from her. Then from the shadows she emerges and confesses that she blackmailed them into coming after me so that I'd leave her alone. But the fact that I stood up for her impressed her so much we ended up dating for real.

A month later we broke up. It wasn't a nice break up either, we were next level hateful towards each other. So we dropped out of touch for about six years. Then one day I'm reporting to Admiral Grom when I notice her out the corner of my eye. She's one of his secretaries how 'bout that shit? We ended up meeting for drinks and reconciling. Afterwards I gave her my number and told her to call me. After Yuri retired a year later she did. We've been in business together ever since.

"Getting hard to breath Fred." A minute left of life support. "Fred? Fred!" He watched the countdown get to thirty seconds. "Fred.... this isn't funny! Fred!!"
Fred finally reactivated life support, "There you pussy. I'd say we lost about 10% of our structural integrity with that boneheaded move you made. Kindly get good."
"I said I was sorry geez. My bad..."

To finish up: Vito Bertuccio was my underclassmen in cadet school. Little bastard made it his life goal to break every one of my records, then he surpassed me entirely. Ever since we've been fighting to stay ahead of each other.... Okay, okay, I've been the one fighting. But what I lack in his piloting skills, I more than make up for in charm, charisma, intelligence, attractiveness, and guile. One day I heard that he owed a certain criminal syndicate a hefty amount of money. So out of the kindness of my heart, hehehe, I decided to back him in taking them on. Well, it didn't go to well and we just about lost our lives in the process. Afterwards we fled to the Empire. And the rest is history. So in conclusion Fred gave up his celebrity status, a successful career as a Federation Engineer, and his partial ownership of Kooi Resort. Isabella, ever the materialist, gave up the federation. And I'm still AWOL, all because of my friendship with Bertuccio. Dammit Bertuccio.

"The real reason we came out of supercruise - Don't tell Fred"

Note: Believe it or not that gas giant is within fuel scoop range of its host star.

June 17th, 3305 - I'm so close! So close, yet so far dammit! At about three hundred and fifty light years I realized I didn't pack enough jumponeum. So we're going from planet to planet on a scrounge run. Hours and hours of fun filled scrounging in the Mako.

Eww, Fortuna sent me a gift! She really does care (Heart Emoji). She enrolled us in an Expedition close to home. The Apollo 11, something or other, Expedition. More of a Shepard fan than a Mike, Neil, or Buzz fan myself but kudos for caring.

"Christmas in June"

"This is why I like fringe systems"

"Just me and my Mako, wondering how much longer is this gonna take-ohh"

"I hope one day I meet the sicko, who turned this game into a grind!"

"Fred be like, 'If, the jumponium, it doesn't find. Then it will be left behind!'"

That's all for now. Fly safe out there Commanders,

~This is Grant signing off. N7... I mean o7
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