Logbook entry

J.Bauer / 07 Jul 3305
Back to the bubble

Returning to the bubble was like waking from a coma. Months of deep space travel as part of the Distant Worlds II Expedition had affected me more than I thought. The backwater planet I stopped at for maintenance felt like a metropolis. I sorely needed a drink. The closest watering hole was frequented by the ground and service crews working at the spaceport. The dingy bar rattled faintly as the starships moved through the hangar.

Whiskey. Double. Neat.

God that was good. The bartender recognized the Distant worlds logo on my flight jacket and asked about the expedition. The conversation went into the night and she filled me in on everything I had missed.
None of the major headlines in the bubble had made waves in Colonia. To them, the bubble could have been in another galaxy. The Thargoids began an invasion of the core. A number of stations within the core world's have been damaged and evacuations are ongoing. The role of the Presidency has been removed in the Alliance, and supplies of Meta-Alloys have been dwindling.

Sounds like a shit show. I haven't seen any Thargoids on the expedition. Maybe an intelligent mushroom and a couple of floating orbs of light that tried to siphon energy off my ship. Maybe it would have been better to stay out in the black.

The bartended asked me what my plans were now that I was back. I'm not really sure.
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