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Nf442 / 11 Jul 3305
Log: Waiting is in fact the Hardest Part

Someone once told me that freedom almost always cost more than we could afford. Suppose it was supposed to mean that freedom isn't exactly free, but man I never expected them to slap a physical price on it.

200 Million Credits...so far.

I made my return to the Bubble, and yes once again I have done it while maintaining complete silence. It's not that I didn't want to update my log, it's just that I was so engorged in my researching that it slipped my mind daily.

For those wondering no, that oh-so-intriguing research did not provide me with any reality-breaking answers, nor did it even satisfy my smallest of curiosities. I have ultimately decided that I was looking in the wrong place.

I've spent the last few weeks mining those precious little void opals. See, at first I went looking for the huge asteroids glowing brightly in the distance. Bright from so far yet up close they were as dull as the dust they were floating in. Quickly I realized that the smaller asteroids, that appeared so un-remarkable from a distance, held cores so full and rich of that mineraloid valued by so many cultures.

I quickly became flooded with wealth and new trader status of Tycoon. This was enough to fund my new project. I purchased an Anaconda, hired on a full crew and transferred her out to Bernoulli Vision in the Caeritis system to be fitted with engineered modules and a fully upgraded Frame Shift Drive.

Of course, that meant even more credits spent, and my first contact with Guardian technology. Nevertheless as of today, my ship is now outfitted with a class 5 Guardian FSD Booster. After the engineers I have contracted finish outfitting my other modules with lightweight components, I will have a large ship with an even larger jump range.

I will miss my Silent Prism once I leave the Bubble. But, I will do so with the luster of a divine entity. As such, I have chosen to name my new ship Dea Caelestis which comes from Ancient Latin meaning Heavenly Goddess.

I will not journey towards the Formidine Rift, that's what they want. So much attention focused there in the past and even now, so much activity in the regions surrounding the Bubble. No, I will go towards stars so far from home it will be a miracle if I return. At least now, with a ship that can hold a small society, I will not be going alone.

I will find whatever is out there or at the very least I will find some exciting way to die. Once I leave the Bubble I do not expect to return for some time. Many affairs have been tied up, and I am happy to say that my crew complement includes several personal friends of mine whom I trust infallibly.

It will take at least two more days for the outfitting to be complete and for the crew to arrive at the station for launch. Might as well enjoy the luxuries of occupied space while I can. Soon, it'll just be us and the stars.

-Xanthippe ~ Bernoulli Vision's Fuel Scoop bar ~ July 10th, 3305. ~ 2:49 GMT
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