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Nf442 / 15 Jul 3305
A New Dawn

So, we set out. We left from Saktsak, and decided to move inwards to the galactic center. Might as well visit SAG A* while we're out. Never seen it before.

Before that we'll be stopping by to sight-see at a nebula along the way.

Currently we're about 50 jumps away. We found an undiscovered system with 5 gas giants, two with ammonia based life, and one with water based life.

We've fully mapped the system and we're scanning each Priority Planet. We decided to land on one of the rocky bodies orbiting one of the gas giants.

Unfortunately, we've already had an incident. Since we were planet side, we decided to take some time and run a few fighter test flights.

During the testing we commenced with docking procedures for the first fighter's re-entrance. Unfortunately this happened to occur at the same time that engineering was conducting some power conduit transfers.

There was a malfunction within the ship's stabilization systems, powering down our thrusters and flight assist suite. The problem was corrected quickly, although not before gravity could smash my ship into the side of a canyon. Hull damage was sustained. we're at about 98% now.

In our rush to leave at my behest, I forgot to have our AFMUs installed so...

I still want to keep going. Turning back to pick one up would cost us time and patience. I'll just have to fly more carefully.

I'm going to relax in the lounge and maybe get some sleep while Kathryn collects some soil samples.

Xanthippe ~ 01:46 GMT ~
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CMDR Nf442
Scientist / Xenobiologist
15 Jul 3305
A New Dawn
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11 Jul 3305
I'm Being Sirius
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