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Monnolyth / 16 Jul 3305
How NOT To Break In Your First Large Ship

So last night I did something pretty stupid right after I bought my first large ship.  The large ship in question is an Anaconda.  Now understand, I've been playing this game less than two weeks so I'm still a very inexperienced pilot. And when I say inexperienced, I mean I just had 2 days worth of experience on a Python, before that I was flying the Sidewinder and an Adder.

So I'm sure you're asking... CMDR Monnolyth, what did you do that was so stupid?  Well, during my initial load out of the Anaconda, I decided that I wanted work on my Faction Reputation and the best way to do that was by doing rescue missions.  I know, I know, you are laughing hysterically at me at this point.  It's well deserved.  So I loaded up my ship with Economy level seating (160 seats in all) and I headed out.  I was at least smart enough to boost the power and shields and I went a little overboard with the heatsinks but thats about as far as my intelligence carried me.

I make the necessary jumps and get to the flaming station and then I realize that this ship handles a LOT differently than anything I've flown before and I'm about to take my shiny new 200m ship into a burning station for my very first landing. Let me tell you, it was one of the most exciting (butt puckering) things I've ever done in a video game.  It went about as badly as you can imagine without killing myself or my ship.

So I make it though the slot, but not without bouncing off the ceiling first, (this will come into play in a moment). And I'm greeted by flames, explosions and debris, F***ing huge debris floating right above my landing pad. Great, I can't see in front of me, how am I going to land this thing, hell, how am I going to turn it around and run.  Screw it, I'm committed now. So I push forward, get knocked sideways, scrape the paint all to hell but somehow I finally manage to get it on the ground.  You should see me at this point, hands are shaking, sweats pouring down my face but I made it in, sure I'll have some repair costs but I got this.

I open up the Station Services menu and then the next problem presents itself.  And I have to say I was totally flabbergasted and offended.  Turns out bouncing off the mail slot entry is a fineable offense, even if the space station is blowing up around you.  I go through all of this only to find that I've been fined 500cr and even worse than that, there is no one available to accept the fine and if I don't pay it, I can't pick up any passengers.  I'm reading the screen with my mouth hanging open.  If I was a hardcore roleplayer I would have said screw it, let em burn.  But no, I didn't do that.  

I had to fly out back out to the Rescue Station, pay my fine and go back.  The second trip was just as hairy but I did manage to not break anything and pick up a full ship worth of passengers. In all I made 7 or 8 trips.  And only had one more run that was negated because of a fine. (Yeah, that one pissed me off too).  Oddly enough I was actually enjoying the tension.  I had the insurance and took all the safety precautions I could but it was really an amazing game experience and I learned how to fly the hell out of my Anaconda in tight spaces.  So all in all it was a win, I just don't recommend it for other new pilots unless you just feel like being stupid too.

CMDR Monnolyth
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