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Flikre / 17 Jul 3305
Hell in Space

So this year just gets better and better, I'm seriously considering flying off into the black and go discovering.

About a month or two ago, Thome Gateway was attacked by Thargoids.

I still don't know why, no one does.

What I do know is the destruction and pain they can inflict.

I've read reports on Thargoid attacks, and I've read what commanders have described the aftermath of such attacks when they were rescuing survivors.

But, holy shit, being on the ground during one is terrifying. running through the station, not knowing if the next door you open is going to lead to safety or hard vacuum. The entire superstructure shook with every weapon impact, you could hear screams and explosions happening throughout the port. I can't imagine how many lost their lives during the attack and the madness that followed.

Of course, I ran.

I ran to make sure my parents were okay, thankfully they were, a few bumps and bruises from being thrown around but still in once piece. We gathered a few supplies and headed towards the dock.

Others weren't so fortunate.

The amount of times we passed broken bodies, people grieving over loved ones who hadn't been as lucky as us was too high. In certain places the bulkheads and panelling had collapsed, crushing whoever had been underneath it.

I like to think I'm not squeamish, I've seen dead bodies before, either through equipment failure when refitting a ship or decompression after running into a stray rock in the many rings in my home system. But more than once we came across bodies, parts of bodies would be more accurate, that were just a little too small to deserve what had happened...




My family and I managed to make it to The Kincaid, we'd dragged along as many people who could fit her as possible, sometimes forcefully, and fled. We booked it to Tawi and hid there for a few days, our passengers heading their own way.

When we returned to Thome Gateway, it was bad, virtually everything was on fire, escape pods and broken ships filled the dock. It took some time, but eventually the salvaging had finished and repairs could begin.

That was when I took off, I made a few deliveries to help, but couldn't shake off what I had seen that day. I loaded up my Diamondback and disappeared, renaming her the Argo.

And that's where I stayed, out in the darkness, bouncing from system to system away from civilisation. It was over a month before I could face seeing another person again, only to hear that the Thargoids had disappeared.

I can't describe my rage at that point, it felt like we had been hurt out of spite. Hundreds dead or injured, for what? We're not Aegis or whatever, we're not a seat of authority with any of the superpowers, hell, we're not even claimed by any superpower.

So why us?

I'm at a loose end here, I'm not a strong person, I can't afford the huge Anacondas or Clippers that others can. Hunting down the Thargoids in Jinx would be suicide, and as much as I want to help, I can't stand being in Thome at the moment. I only return to check on Mum and Dad.

I won't be returning here for awhile, I've already been to see Farseer and she's been kind enough to give the Argo a bit of a boost.

Hopefully I'll find answers out amongst the stars, come to terms with the attack, but most of all get these memories out of my head.

"I am just going outside and may be some time."
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