Logbook entry

Yumasai / 16 Jul 3305
CMDR Yumasai's Captain's Log #7: Duty calls

After the whole pirate situation in back at the HQ of the Benelux Commanders, I went to catch some rest. As I woke up, I decided to undock and check for any pirate remnants in the system. Turns out there were some left in the resource extraction zone, but I was able to deal with them. In the middle of it all, I was joined by CMDR Just_Anna and CMDR Von Ensung. We decided to round up some more pirates and criminals, before I received a report from Achansa indicating we had won our conflict there, granting us a Farragut-class Battlecruiser and full control of the Achansa System. However, I also recalled that we had a conflict in Pisaly, and checked my data to see if it was finished or not. I decided to jump to the Pisaly System anyways, to go and see for myself. As I arrived, I could not detect any conflict zones, so I checked my local system data, and indeed the war had ended in our favor.

So, I decided to go and celebrate. But before I could even turn around to grab a quick ice cold beer, I had an urgent transmission coming in from the Paresa System. "Yes, Imperator?", I said, as I answered the transmission. "You are close, but no. This is Duke Rainbro, Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval's stand-in for Nova Navy matters. We have emerged victorious in No Cha, taking control of a planetary base and putting us in a good position to contest the system itself. As for Yu Hsinda, we are only one day away from victory and the same situation there. Another war has also sprung up, giving us a chance to obtain the closest starport in Yupini. However if we lose, we will lose control of Yupini itself. I would like you to see if you can aid our forces, Commander. Rainbro, out."

I quickly realized I was basically just called to action by the Nova Navy's 2IC, and well, I could not disappoint or even worse, dishonour the Imperator in these times he needs me the most. So I quickly transmitted to CMDR Just_Anna and CMDR Von Ensung that I was headed to the conflict in the Yupini System. CMDR Just_Anna was unavailable to come, however, CMDR Von Ensung decided he would like to come and help out. "Alright then, here is the location.", I said, as we were setting course for the Yu Hsinda System.

Once we got there, I quickly checked my local system data, and found out that the war in Yu Hsinda had already been won by Nova Imperium. I quickly transmitted the update towards Governor Rainbro, as by now, we set course for the firefight: Yupini. We arrived at the scene, but we found not much activity at all. That suddenly all changed when my COVAS alerted me: WARNING: CAPITAL CLASS SIGNATURE DETECTED. I looked around but could not see much except for some strange cloud of particles.

Not too many seconds after that, I did see something coming through. At first, I thought it was something strange, but then, it became clear. It was a Majestic-class Interdictor, INV Excalibur to be precise. "Damn, it seems somehow, Hadrian got his hands on a Majestic-class... Awesome!, I thought. However, my time to think was soon over when suddenly I heard a massive buzz sound and saw INV Excalibur opening fire on ships belonging to the enemy.

I did not wasted my time, and began protecting the vessel together with CMDR Von Ensung. We managed to do so pretty well, and we noticed a particular ship jumping in: An Anaconda. Moments later we heard on our comms: "Enemy Captain entered the area. He is flying an Anaconda.". Me and CMDR Von Ensung quickly locked our guns, lasers, everything we had really, even our starfighters, at the enemy Captain. After breaching the shields and critically damaging the ship, we eventually both, at the same time, fired our lasers at the power core. This resulted in a very nice explosion, and soon, the enemy was on the run.

I also noticed that INV Excalibur was still in the area, and whilst it was making short work of the enemy remnants who were unable to get out of range, I decided to get up close to signal a thank you to the captain and the crew. Meanwhile, CMDR Von Ensung decided he was going. He headed to the nearest station inside the Yupini System. I thanked him for his aid, and explained a little bit why I was fighting for Hadrian Augustus Duval.

Ah yes... what a day. I decided to hand in my acquired combat vouchers and set course for Dyson City in the Paresa System; The HQ of Nova Imperium & it's naval arm: The Nova Navy. Before I docked however, I transmitted my report to Governor Rainbro, who was pleased to hear that we managed to win another fight in the Yupini System. He also thanked me for the contribution, and for safeguarding INV Excalibur. When that was done, I docked at Dyson City, and called it a day at last. Now? Time to rest it is.

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