Logbook entry

Lambast Mercy / 20 Jul 3305
Commander with long-range cargo ship requiered!

Not a single thing worth mentioning for two weeks. Maybe some nice looking planets well-lit by a blue star but I’ve taken so many pictures of them as blue stars are my favorite, I haven’t bothered adding more images to the album. I must admit I have lost my passion for logging everything in my path. This voyage is heading towards its 4th month and its showing in my attitude and hair. I desperately need a haircut.

Fortunately, Jamiroquai popped up and reminded me it's just Virtual Insanity. He then told me about the pros of being a Cosmic Girl. That always adds a lil pep to my jump drive. Major Tom and his Shiny Toy Guns kept the positive vibe going so I had to listen to the Journey of the Sorceror to finish off this Space Oddity with David Bowie. After listening to that fortuitous playlist, I found the enthusiasm I needed for another day of jumping.

I’ll also need a resupply if I’m not going to point the Reach’s nose at the bubble any time soon. I can stay out here for a good while longer, but I’m missing plenty of the little treats that make days full of jumps worthwhile. On the other hand, now I’ve run out of unhealthy stuff, I’ve lost that bit of padding that makes almost any chair comfy and fills this ridicules flight suit all the way to the seams. My five days a week workout routine is really showing too, but I’ll soon look like a plastic bag full of doorknobs if I don’t get a cake or three down my neck. Being fit is great, but I miss my smooth lines and built-in shock-absorbing rear bumper. Just look at the change between my pilots' identity picture and the after-effects of my first long-range exploration.

I’m coming round to the guardian sites. Sill thousands of light-years on the other side of them, but with the new weekly taxi service, maybe one of my friends will head out and meet me halfway so to speak. I’ll definitely make a long detour for a crate of chocolate, junk food, wine, fresh water, and some shampoo. Commander Creamy would be up for it, but I haven’t talked to him since he got his license. I’ll bet he hasn’t even got his ship off the pad. To busy swanning about the pilots' lounge on the pull, stupid man-tart that he is.

Commander LaFresh boasted about the range of his Conda last time we talked and he owes me. He said he rescued a friend of his Fuel Rats style so maybe I can convince him to do a supply run for me. Last year, I’d made some contacts in Maia and got my-self some very lucrative and dangerous contracts. I invited LaFresh along because he is a good bounty hunter and wicked Vulture pilot. With the sort of job I was doing, I needed his protection. The work was paying us both well and it didn’t take long before we got used to the run, so LaFresh changed ship. For the first time ever he dropped the combat class and outfitted something bigger for cargo with the ability to run away. Doing that job we both made our first billion and were each able to buy and equip a dream ship, so I reckon he’ll help me out. A shame he's not answering coms. I hope he's still out there kickin ass.

This supply run is a tall order for anyone, so while I’m asking for the impossible I’ll put this request on the mission board:-

Explorer on the South-Easton Rim in need of resupply requests Commander* to deliver luxury items, new summer wardrobe and enough chocolate cake to send a small settlement into a diabetic coma. The applying Commander will require a ship with good range and shields as the Explorer hasn’t seen another ship for months and will probably shoot as soon as you appear on the scanner out of shock, and then a second time as a sort of ship to ship “pinch” to see if you are real.  A background in language tuition and psychology would be a bounce as the explorer will need to re-learn conversational English and is most likely mildly feral.

Once table manners have been restored, the Explorer would be endlessly grateful if the applying Commander would stay for a prolonged conversation about current events over tea and biscuits (0.25 tons of Ritch Tea biscuits are listed on the required manifest).

Most importantly, an applying Commander MUST be a skilled hairdresser familiar with the latest styles in the Robigo area. Manicure/pedicure skills are not entirely necessary, but will not harm your chances of winning this prestigious contract. The successful applicant can expect prompt remuneration in the form of boundless gratitude and “Nuff respect man”.

*Only Billionaire-Fitness Model-Scientist-Commanders need apply.
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