Logbook entry

Aisling D. / 22 Jul 3305
Princess Aisling Duval gets a new ship from Zorgon Peterson

A few weeks ago I got an invite from a ship builder known as Zorgon Perterson, a sub division of famous Falcon DeLacy. I decided to visit Reorte and have a short vacation. I entered the cockpit of my Cutter
and started to leave the atmosphere of Cemiess. I decided to travel without escort, since I dont want to use resources for a private trip. So I dont told anybody about it and it should not be a medial event.
I checked a bit about the background of these producers using my computer terminal at my personal room. The auto pilot did everything as I was away from the cockpit, so the ship was doing the jump to Reorte.

Later I arrived at the starport, Davies High. As usual I let the auto pilot land after requesting docking permission. It landed safetly at the port and I put on a white dress with blue flowers and some earrings.
The ramp activates and after this airlock opened I stepped out of my ship and a tall men awaits me there and greets my formally. He showed me the star port and then we went to the development center.
They work on some new thruster systems to speed up there ships some more. I asked some questions and then he said that there is a little test flight on the plan. We used the elevator to some hangar compartment
and there was a slim and streamlined ship, called Mamba.

I was impressed they got this ship for a test flight with me. We entered the ship by using the airlock at the front landing gear and went to the cockpit. It was slim, but long enough to have two seats and some
terminals for maintenance and systems. The entire vessel was build for high speed and maneuvrability. He showed me the controls and activated the auto start system and the ship lifted and went through the airlock.
He told me to slowly accelerate and head a few kilometers from the starport away. I gently shoved the throttle forward and the huge thrusters pushed this ship over 600m/s. I tried to fly some turns and loops and it was suprisingly easy and fast at tuning. It would be a great fighter and I had some fun with that ship.

After a while of flying around and having fun he also told me it has a lot of offensive hardpoints, making it a dangerous high speed fighter. I told him that my first flight practice was on a GU-97 and its mean
I really like flying nimble ships like this. The Cutter is a great ship, but its turn rate is close to zero and this is not suprisingly by nearly 200m lengh. We landed at the starport and he told me that this ship is
a present from Falcon DeLacy to me. As a little act of kindness and after that words I lookes a bit shocked abuot this. I thanked him and he programs the computer on my signature and we meet at the cantina
to have a dinner after this. I think they want to have some special deal with the imperial navy, but I dont know, since I'm not deciding about this things. I went back to my Cutter and told them to pick up the
ship and bring it to Cemiess. I will need a lot of practice to master this ship but I will have a lot fun.

Later at Cemiess is try to have some atmosphere flight with that ship and it was really intense and fascinating how a ship could turn like this. I landed it at the palace and let my engineers check all systems
and terminals for further improvements.
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