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Jonny_saturn / 24 Jul 3305
40 days in the wilderness

I needed something to take my mind off the on-going battle against the pirates. So during breaks I am drafting plans for my next expedition. I am longing once more to make my way out into the black and leave `home` behind.

I have yet to visit Colonia, or the centre of the galaxy. Something that I will be looking at doing in a few weeks time. But I don’t want to take the well trodden path out along the neutron highway and back, I want to take a detour and try to cover some unexplored systems.

My rough plan is a 100,000 light-year loop that first takes me out west towards the Perseus Crags. I have heard of some strange FSD effects out here and want to take a closer look. From there I will travel up the arm, then cut back in towards the centre to Colonia. Following this stop off I'll then take a `relatively` quick hop over to Sagittarius A* to collect my mug and t-shirt, then east out towards the rim, before travelling down the Circinus Transit back towards the bubble.

Parts of the journey will be quick, the first and last 10kly and around the more travelled areas around Colonia and the Centre. Some parts of the trip will be slow though, as I take time to explore and map regions less well known. Altogether, I’m looking at covering the distance in roughly 40 days.

I’m not taking any human passengers or crew, though I am looking to get a droid or two to help out with some of the more mundane chores. Its hard to find the right ones though, from past experience. I'll have to remember to take one that is bearable and can actually be useful around the ship, doing maintenance stuff. Not like the last one I had that was full of useless facts and annoying habits, like waking me up in the middle of the night because he thought that he was infected by a virus or something. I gave that one a new home, some VIP on some spa hotel station somewhere (with lots of cats) took a liking to him. Not sure the droid was too pleased though.

I'll need to make a list of things to take for the journey. There will be plenty of space in my `more or less` stripped out Anaconda. I think a swimming pool is a bit over ambitious, especially with bulkheads in the way - but I might take a hot tub along.
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