Logbook entry

Aisling D. / 27 Jul 3305
Princess Aisling Duval vs Namarii Emperor's Dawn

Since weeks we got intel about the little extremist group, called Emperor's Dawn trying to establish a more traditional Empire. They also killed my grandfather, the former Emperor Hengist Duval and after they got
nearly erradicated a long time it was silent about this group. But since a few months we hear about attacks in Namarii and near systems from them. So it was a logical decision to visit Namarii with a little fleet to
get rid of them. My Cutter was waiting at the meeting point and our strike force contained 18 Cutters, 22 Clippers, 36 Imperial Eagles and a lot of ship launched fighters. After all ships was there, we headed to the
asteroid belt were we located a hidden installation supporting them. It was our task to destroy all ships and take over the installation or destroy it if its needed.

We dropped out of supercruise and took formation to scan the area for hostile ships. A few seconds later the sensors showed about 40 ships coming closer with deployed hardpoints. Visual contact showed a wide
range of ships, from Vipers to Anacondas - everything was there. All ships activated weapons and went to attack pattern and as we was close enough a storm of laser beams and rockets dominated the sky. I targeted
a Krait Phantom and fired all my weapons on it. His shield was fastly drained and the next salvos destroyed his hull and leaving only a wreckage drifting closer to the asteroids. We located the base and it was armed
with two heavy laser canons, so we had to watch out for incoming fire.

The enemys was not well prepared and organized, so we destroyed a lot ship in a short time with minimal casualties. We managed to scramble the enemy sensors and begun an attack run on the facillity. All ships fired
on the hull and after a few seconds several explosions destroyed the entire installation leaving only a cloud of scrap and dust. The remaining ships tried to flee in the asteroids field, but our pilots managed to follow
them and the bigger ships stayed above to catch the last defenders. Three ships escaped and we scanned for other hostiles, but the space was empty and a few wreckages spinned toward the field. It was a succesfull
strike against these terrorists. We cannot allow them to grow stronger and have to destroy them now. We entered super cruise and headed to Achenar for repairs.

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