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Korz / 01 Aug 3305
The Syren's call

I stare out of the window from my first class cabin, drink in hand, staring blankly out into space. My mind is racing with thought and calculations of a move I am thinking of making.

I look at my credit balance,, my bar tab from this long vacation notwithstanding, I have enough. I know I shouldn't, but it is calling me.

In my time with the FSS, doing what I did for them, we traveled in all manner of craft, but one had always been my favorite. It calls to me, and I justify the cost in my head, only to counter that with reason. But the Syren's call can be resisted by no sailor.

I arrive home at Ray Gateway. I settle back into my apartment and go to the pet boarding kennel that I had pampering Bella while I was gone.

That night we sit down after dinner and she curls up into my lap, she knows my mood is heavy, contemplating and she is worried about me.

I sleep on it and the next morning, this morning I am in the hangar, aboard the "Manticore" as she is being prepped for flight. I look over the available cargo runs and the one I really want I don't have the cargo room for. That's it, my mind is suddenly and firmly made up.

I go to the terminal and place a call to the local sales office. They have what I want. I send the specifications exactly how I want it and I leave my ship and head to the office.

A few levels down I arrive at the sales office if Faulcon Delacy where Sam greets me as I walk in. Your new Python will be ready in a few hours, we're only having to source the frame shift drive, all other upgrades we had in stock. She is undergoing paint as we speak. Please, follow me to my office. I tap my terminal and transfer the money to the sales account.

Sam thanks me for my business and introduces me to one of the sales engineers, Jean. She is a stunningly beautiful woman about 38 years old with waist length brown hair, about 5 foot 2 and curves that could get a man in trouble. She smiles at me in the lift.
We arrive at the hangar and she escorts me on the walk around. She makes sure to stay very close to me as she points out the exterior features.

The Python is a big ship, comfortable and formidable. A true master at multipurpose functionality. Piloting one of these has been a dream of mine for years.

Jean shows me every compartment of my ship, she brushes up against me several times during the walk through. As we arrive in engineering the technicians are just finishing installing the 5A frame shift drive.

After the thorough walk through, Jean initialized the COVAS and had her scan and voice print me as she was told that I am now the owner of this ship.

The Astra unit greets me in a polite manner and I return the friendly greeting, I then converse with her about several of my preferred settings.

The zero G cat bed and litter box arrive and Bella is already making herself at home when The technicians clear the hangar. Jean tells me goodbye with a nice hug, gives me her contact info and says to call her if I need anything.

I walk around amazed that this has finally come to be. My very own Python. As I have felt her call for so long I have named her "Syren". I think that is a fitting name for her, and meeting Jean seems to be more than coincidence, perhaps the Syrens call has more in store for me?
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