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Chainsawninja5 / 03 Aug 3305
Commander's log - First log - Defection

*Beginning of log*

"Thanks Verity."

*Silence for several moments.*

"No point in stalling is there?"

*Sounds of shifting, clothes brushing against seat leather, scratching of facial hair then a deep sigh followed by an intake of air*

"Commander's Log, First Entry, August the second, year thirty-three o five."

*More silence... and another deep breath.*

"Hello Eliza, I'm recording these logs like you said I should, hopefully you won't worry as much about me now eh? Well anyway..."

"A week ago, I was just another pilot in the Federal Navy, two years ago I enlisted believing I could make a difference... Stop the corruption and corporate exploitation of the people... and help frees those enslaved by the damn Empire... or at least try to help protect them... I went through flight academy like everyone else... That's where I met you Eliza... My best friend in the galaxy now, and one of the best pilots I've ever seen, hell she's possibly better than me!"

*A small chuckle is audible*

"There I admitted it, you happy? Anyway after dozens of missions in the Navy I realized something... I can't stop the corruption... not within the federal navy at least..."

*Silence for a moment, he speaks again*

"So a few days ago, I left. I resigned and fled to the Alliance... Away from my old life. I've joined up with them to hopefully truly begin to help those oppressed by the corporations and the Empire...  I was assigned to a special operations squadron. Now... I can't say what we're doing Eliza... but I can promise that i'll try to be safe okay? Heh... Well I'll make another log when I can... til then... Commander Mathias out."

*End log*
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