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Korz / 07 Aug 3305
Double accomplishments

Yesterday I set out to do some more mining as it is making me very wealthy very quickly. I have learned exactly how to load out my ship and take just what I need in limpets to make it work.

I jump over one system to my favorite gas giant and dive into the void opal hot spot. I am not disappointed as I immediately start locating lots of opals.

I crack open a few rocks and my hold is filling quickly. After a few hours I plot the course to the station buying them for more than anyone else is offering and I jump out.

I offload my cargo and as the money hits the bank I get a message from the Pilots Federation that I have been granted the rank of "Elite" in trade. Wow, i've only been at this for a few weeks, but have already earned that honor. Now I can visit the founders world and see Jameson Memorial!

I look at the bank account and see that I am sitting just under a billion credits. I can't resist, I grab a few more limpets and head off to a local site that also has void opals.

I quickly find a large asteroid with a lot of them in it. It shattered like a Hutton Mug and I collected 17 tonnes of opals from it. More than I needed.

I rush back to the station and sell the fresh haul of opals, and sure enough, I passed quickly over the 1 billion credit mark.

Returning to my place at Ray Gateway I learn that my faction is going to war. I will do my part to the best of my ability. But we are EXO and we will not fail.

Bella is playing on the couch with her toy mouse and I relax and catch up on what's happening around the station and the system.

I call Jean to see how her day has been and what she's up to. She had a busy day at the office and is tired and like me, just relaxing on her couch. We talk about the local happenings in the station and there is an event being held this weekend that she would like to go to. A burbon and BBQ festival. We make plans to attend and we start talking about our favorites in each category from the items posted on the flyer for the event.

We talk for another hour and by that time Bella is curled up in my lap asleep with her toy still clutched in her paws. We talked of dreams and ambitions we both have, and I have to say that she has her life planned out quite well. Far better than I have.

She has accomplished a lot already but isn't where she want's to be, but is getting closer to getting into design of systems. That is where she will make her name known.

We say goodbye and I pick up Bella place her on the bed next to my pillow where she likes to sleep. I reflect on my day and how fortunate I am to have these opportunities.

Tomorrow starts another adventure as I help my faction in it's war, there are scum we must drive back the outer rim, and we are just the wing to do it.
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