Logbook entry

Scubadog / 08 Aug 3305
Bank Account Courtesy of Otis Elevator Company

One of the great things about the Colonia region is mining really is a breeze.  A significantly smaller population means you can fly mostly interdiction-free and there are a LOT of pristine ringed planets within a jump or two.  So, taking The Ceti Zorro out to replenish my bank account is a stress free venture.  I quickly pushed my bank account back up to 300mil credits...and then I went and done it.  I popped over to Carcosa, where I have friends affiliated with The Nameless faction, and found myself looking at the Type 10 Defender.  And lingering.  And, before you know it, I was storing my Imperial Eagle at Robardin Rock and easing out the mail slot--ever so carefully--in a new Defender.

You know, whereas the bridge of the Corvette or Anaconda is insanely spacious--and sparse--the Defender's bridge is large as well, but more...I don't know how to describe it...maybe purposeful?  The Corvette and Anaconda are all spread out horizontally, but the Defender trades that for a more vertical layout.

I'm in the process now of upgrading or configuring modules for this monster and will follow that up with the engineering.  The Ceti Lysystsya is not going to be a long-distance runner, by any means.  I'm going to tank this thing out to handle critical cargo through hazardous territory.  I just have to figure out what kind of weapons loadout this thing is best suited for.  And not being a combat-focused pilot, this is relatively new territory for me.  My go-to weaponry for most of my ships centers on multi-cannons and beams.  I do pretty well with those in CZs, resource sites, compromised nav beacon areas and even along side a wing supporting much more accomplished fighters.  A bit more research is called for.
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