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Korz / 09 Aug 3305
On the shoulders of Giants

I set my drink down on the bar, light up my cigar and wonder how the first ones did it. I arrived Thursday morning 0700 GST and it's only late Friday now, but I have done most of what I came for. The guardian sites can be slightly challenging, but with the maps and copious instructions that are out there, it's really not a big deal.

But my mind makes the leap and wonders how the first of us to discover these sights figured it all out. How did their minds make the leap and decide the shoot the pylons? how did they figure out it was the relic that had to be deposited into the hole in the ground to get the data point to emerge? I am not sure I could have figured any of those out, though it's not unreasonable to think that I would have shot some stuff to see how it reacted, with my background and all it seems reasonable.

But to dig in and do the science behind these sites and how to make it all work, it's simply amazing, my hat is off to the folks at Cannon Research that made it possible for commanders like me to come to this section of space and to gather up ancient guardian technologies in order to utilize it to upgrade ships and weapons.

I have found this rewarding and fairly straight forward. I will stay here and continue to explore the Guardian sites around this area, I have already been to 4 different ones and I learn more at each site.

Plans are moving forward in my mind for a new exploration ship, a large and capable ship with excellent characteristics. I tap on my terminal and do the build your own ship from the Faulcon Delacy site. I think I have the best configuration for what I am seeking, a new shiny Krait Phantom outfitted and engineered for cutting edge exploration.

Yes my mind is made up, that will be the next step forward for me.

I know my next several steps in quite vivid detail. This will keep me busy for a little bit. But there are many more far ranging plans that I have as well. I sip my drink and puff my cigar. I am satisfied for now that I am on the right path. But who knows what new paths will open up before me.

My mind turns to my girls, missing my little furry cockpit companion, her bell making noise as she wanders around the bridge. And I think about her current captor, and how I have hope that maybe this will work out. She seems to have all the right qualities, even if she is a bit younger than me.
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