Logbook entry

Orion Starhunter / 09 Aug 3305
COMMANDER'S LOG ENTRY: August 9th, 3305

We've all had that feeling...

The grogginess, feeling sick to your stomach, the mental disconnect. That feeling as you make your first step you know damn well you legs won't hold up the rest of your body and you'll be doing a face plant onto the deck. The constant ringing in your ears and the piercing, blinding light that stabs your eyes...

If you have to ask, then you've never been in Cryo-sleep before, and if you just nodding while reading this, well then, you know the symptoms I describe all too well.

That was the beginning of the day. So far, I've managed to stomach some powdered scrambled eggs, some pieces of bacon and what I could only guess passes for coffee here, but the day is moving on.
LHS 3447 was never what most pilots would consider a "Five Star" eatery, but hey, when you haven't eaten in 8 months, the leather off your deck shoes tastes delicious.

It would seem that no one read the Do Not Disturb sign I placed on the cryo-tube prior to taking my nap. As my mobility started to recover and I could walk without looking like a Sagittarian drunk, I made my way to the hangar where I had found that there were upgrades done to my ships.

The little bastard who was the Flight Avionics officer had somehow managed through what was supposed to be a routine upgrade, reset my HUD to it's default colors and wipe my console bindings. Nice job Ace, and you wonder why you've been passed up for promotion from this shit hole for the last 4 years.

I haven't had time to catch up on the news but rumor has it Palin moved after the Thargoids decided to come knocking on his front door. I guess it serves him right, after experimenting on all those alien samples we've delivered to him. I mean, sooner or later word was going to get out and he would be the next obvious target in their cause, whatever that cause is.

I see that my old friend Indigowyrd has decided to take a trip out in the universe. From what I've read from log entries, no one's heard from him for many months. I hope he finds what he's looking for out there, and do wish my old friend and family member safe travels.

Per the notifications on the comm panel, looks like I will be expecting a visit from my nephew sometime today. He's asked for assistance in configuring his flight control system aboard his ship. Looks as though we'll be pulling double duty as I have to work out the bugs the idiot Flight Deck Officer introduced into my ship's systems as well. I wonder if Falicity still has the programming console for all of this. I do know that in my current condition, or any condition aside, I'm not going to be eating the cookies that old woman bakes. Don't get me wrong, baked food is very much a rare thing these days, but if you have ever had a grandmother who couldn't cook, you'd completely understand.

More later as it happens...

Cmdr. Orion Starhunter
U.S.S. Discovery
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