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Karellan Clarke / 15 Aug 3305
8 Month Recap / Part 1

Personal Log / 8 month Recap (Part 1)

A lot has been accomplished in the past months.  The Pilots Federation provided the necessary foundation to begin the long process of rebuilding my life. It was a slow start but once I had accumulated enough credits to purchase a Diamondback Scout the balls really started to move. Using the galaxy map I targeted high population systems within the bubble in the hopes of finding ELW's to scan. I made a beeline to the first 14 billion person system, flew to one of three ELW's and soon discovered what a Surface Scanner was. After a 'short' period I equipped my new SS and then immediately realized the value of bookmarks. Ultimately though this method of exploration proved an effective, although somewhat puzzling strategy for increasing my credits and rank…isn't most of this data already on public record?

My next step was purchasing an ASP Explorer (M.E. Penny Pincher), as well as my first combat vessel, a Vulture (C.V. Gustavo). In retrospect the Vulture may have not been a wise investment, but this is mostly due to the immense success of the Penny Pincher. The ASP deserves its reputation as the premier exploration ship, but the true boon for me was discovering its prowess as a miner. It’s good to see that my old skills have not faded. What a joy to work the launcher, release the explosion and feel those delightful reverberations!

Throughout this period I have gradually gained access to several unique engineers who have been twiddling my modules for enhanced performance. This privilege was not easily granted and frankly speaking somewhat tedious, still there is no doubt about the superb results. Life must be difficult for these 'geniuses', Selene is a sweetheart, but why does every other engineer have to greet me with a condescending frown? I have an unknown fragment I'd like to ram up your…

Part 2 to follow
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