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AustralianChaos / 16 Aug 3305
AustralianChaos' Beagle Voyage, Log 15

August 16, 3305
Day: 96
Distance from Beagle Point: 41,851.43ly
Distance from Sagittarius A: 3,147.72ly
Distance to Waypoint 14: 0.00ly
Distance to Kunti: 23,522.33ly

Well, back into the black to commence the last leg of my journey. But during my two days of rest and relaxation at Explorer’s Anchorage I got some good news! CMDR Cerealkiller, my friend who I took off to begin this voyage with, had gone silent after arriving at Colonia a few days ahead of me. I had worried that something had happened to him out there for a while, but he just recently re-established contact. Turns out his ship had completely shut down on him, and these months had seen him without reliable long-range communication while he got his ship repaired. No idea what happened to leave a Diamondback Explorer inoperable for so long, but hopefully such a malfunction never happens again. Hopefully something Lakon will look into, I have a DBX of my own back home, and certainly would hate to suffer a failure like that while flying. Thankfully for my friend, the failure occurred on the docking bay, so he wasn’t stranded.

In any case, we decided to meet up at a system I’ve previously explored when I did my Sagittarius A* run at the beginning of the year. A neutron system that contains an earthlike world...a system I was the first to discover. This detour really is little more than me patting myself on the back a little, I’ll admit. All the same, I launched off today, making a quick stop at Sagittarius A* itself for a few photos, before blasting homeward. It was a pretty routine day, all told, the only interesting thing of note being the fact that despite flying this exact route a few months ago, I never once jumped into a system I had previously visited aside from the waypoint destination. It’s a pointed reminder of just how vast and dense this galaxy is, and how little of it we’ve actually explored.

Still, I reached the system with no issues, and sure enough there was Cerealkller, localiser beacon pinging for me to follow into orbit of the earthlike. It was great to catch up again after those months, and we spent a bit of time goofing around. He’s moved on, though, continuing his trek home, while I’ve parked in low orbit of the earthlike to rest until tomorrow.

Only one more waypoint is left separating me from the Bubble, and home. The Neutron Highway has seen me make far more progress than I anticipated. Just over three months since I left, and I think I might only be a couple of weeks away from home...which would see me return a solid month ahead of the planned time. But we will have to wait and see how my progress goes from here on out. Even this close to home delays and setbacks are more than possible.

CMDR AustralianChaos, signing off.
16/08/3305 1345
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