Logbook entry

Bonkonius / 19 Aug 3305
Betelgeuse 2

I needed some space between me and civilization.

And some dirt under my feet.

Is there a better place to go than Betelgeuse?

Ohhh Betelgeuse, I always admired you. Fear your power, feel soothed by your warm light.

This is the perfect place for a small mini vacation.

If you made it to Betelgeuse 2 its a guaranteed perfect leisure experience.
You are alone, you sit in the sun, you open some beer, you enjoy the infrared and you feel warm and home.
At least I do.

Maybe I am a bit weird, but I love this place.

However solar eruptions are quite heavy at the red super giant star of the center and its HUGE. You can never remember HOW huge it is.
640 times the good old sol, which always has to act as a reference, even if I personally never saw it.

Dont mess with Betleguise's flares

So I was almost grabbed by one of its flares, that would have been a short vacation. But I made it!

The first thing I did is to enjoy loneliness.

And the second one was to open that cans of beer and enjoy the red warm cozyness.....

Good Night, Galaxy....

I am at Home
Do you like it?