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Cpt Krovatchski / 25 Aug 3305
Someone please, fire me

I dont know what to do at this point command.
 Ive tried to cope with the poor decisions on the crew youve dispatched me with, but I feel like maybe,  just maybe... you dont think highly of me

Now where there is nothing wrong with vanessa, exceptional condor pilot, and great at keeping the capacitators  nailed to the wall,
I think someone took a bribe to let this other guy in

I just spent 23 minutes removing this guy from the SRV. He got stuck in there

Not good enough?
Let me elaborate.
He was stuck in there, in space.
Yes. Space
He was out of the ship,  in space, in the SRV. Luckily the Damn thing was still hanging on by a cable.

I dont know how you expect me to handle this, especially seeing as YOU HAVE YET TO RESPOND TO ANY OF THESE TRANSMISSIONS.

Please send a replacement, im 90% Positive he will be dead by the end of the month

-CMdR Cpt. Krovatchski.

Ps. The coffee machine is broken, he tried to put water in a synthesizer that makes its own water. FML
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CMDR's logbook

24 Feb 3306
Keeping in shape
Cpt Krovatchski
31 Jan 3306
Who ****** up.
Cpt Krovatchski
29 Jan 3306
What the hell is going on today?
Cpt Krovatchski
06 Jan 3306
Setting sail again
Cpt Krovatchski
05 Jan 3306
Full circle
Cpt Krovatchski
31 Dec 3305
Suns are Bad
Cpt Krovatchski
29 Dec 3305
In case I die out here
Cpt Krovatchski
27 Dec 3305
Mission exceeded known parameters
Cpt Krovatchski
22 Dec 3305
Who even reads this
Cpt Krovatchski
22 Dec 3305
Utter madness
Cpt Krovatchski
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