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Korz / 03 Sep 3305

I find myself once again in the sales office of Faulcon DeLacy. Sam hands me a fresh cup of coffee. Were going to be here for a spell.

Jean sits in the other chair next to me, on a purchase like this, the engineer's are involved directly with the outfitting process, and since her and I are officially a couple, she doesn't have to dance around if I make the wrong call, that's what she's here for, she's the expert.

Combat focused, with it's own fighter escort, this thing is going to be a beast, but how best to outfit a ship as huge and flexible as an Anaconda. I have fought these ships, recently actually, they are intimidating and extremely powerful and tough.

She knows exactly what modules to equip to give it the right amount of hull armor, shields, weapons, and drives etc.. she takes over as as this is her field of expertise and I sit back watching her dictate the outfitting to Sam.

That's going to be a touch over 444 million credits, I am taken aback just slightly, but it's not out of the range that Jean and I had discussed. I tap my terminal, bring up the sales order and authorize the transfer. The ship will be ready in a few hours.

I leave and go get myself some breakfast. Bella is quietly sitting in my lap, I ponder what to name her. Then it hits me, the titan of light and wisdom "Hyperion" I send a message to Sam to have the name added to the ship and the registry.

I wander the corridors of the station for a few hours until she is ready. I meet Jean in the large hangar as she begins the walk around of this 500ft long monster I just purchased. It takes all afternoon to go through all of the systems and spaces of the mighty Anaconda, and we finish up later afternoon. I call up my buddy Ronin and ask if he want's to do a test run with me. "Hell yeah" is the response I get back. He meets me in the hangar and we take Hyperion on her maiden flight.

To the nav beacon we go. Once there Ronin Jumps into Fighter Con and launches the fighter. I pick a target and we commence to shooting.
the target explodes before I realize it, holy crud this thing has some firepower.

We target a few others and then all of a sudden the System Authority are engaging another Anaconda, so here is my test, all of the system ships are small fighters.

I hit the big ship with a class 4 plasma charge, and then another and another, this guy must have some thruster malfunction because he isn't doing a lot to get out of the way of my huge fixed weapon.

It doesn't take long and he turns towards me, I hit the thrusters down to get behind him, but he's keeping his nose on me, but can't get his class 4 hardpoint to bear on me. I let go with all 5 multi cannons and the two burst lasers, his shields drop and then his hull.

My new beast has scored her first kill on one of her own. That pilot had a higher combat rating that I do as well so I feel lucky to have done so well.

That ship earned us a 250,000 credit bounty alone. We head back to Ray Gateway and put the big ship to bed. It's time to load up the mining pythons and go earn back the credits I just spent..
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