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Korz / 08 Sep 3305
Pythons in the Mist

It's been a few days, I have been so busy with so widely varying tasks that I need to get it all clear in my head and write it down.

I did a test run with the "Hyperion" my new anaconda. Took my buddy Ronin along and had him man fighter con. Well that almost ended in disaster as the O2 sensors were bad on his station and caused him to become hypoxic in the middle of a fight. I was able to keep him from harm, but not before he fired on Sirius Security and had a fine levied against my ship, but he did manage to break the record for docking a SLF into an anaconda, so there's that.

We docked back at Ray Gateway and I had the technicians from Faulcon DeLacy go through the ship and replace the bad sensors, when they discovered that all of the o2 sensors on board were bad but on the ones in Fighter Con had failed completely, apparently there was a bad lot from the manufacturer and we were the second ship to have trouble.

We left the hangar and after Ronin was cleared by medical to return to flight status, we climbed into our respective mining ships. Both pythons and headed for my void opal mining spot, because the market is up and when it's 1.4 million per ton, it's worth the time to go mining.

Ronin arrived before I did as I had to do some materials trading, one system away. By time I arrived, he had already harvested the mother load from one rock and as soon as I arrived I found the next, and then the next and the next, it was like they were chained together. We left a connect the dots trail of exploded asteroids over 200 kilometers long. At two points we had two at a time and the area was completely covered in mist. We were both collecting Void Opals at a rather prodigious rate.

Ronin had to leave as he and the wife had plans. He more than made up the purchase price of his python on that trip. Jean is out this weekend visiting her parents so I didn't have to get back to the station. I stayed out for another bit of time and until I was out of limpets and cargo space. I called it quits and headed for North Dock, they were buying for the right price.

I landed and linked up to the purchase office on the station. 270,000,000 for my effort this evening. That's officially the most I have ever brought in from one trip mining, so I am a happy and very wealthy camper. I have more now than before I purchased the anaconda a few days ago. .

I make the jump home and trade out the mining python for "Syren" my combat python. We head off to a local conflict zone and jump in on the federation side. With all of the engineering that has been done to her she absolutely dominated the battle space, taking out over 10 ships before the other side called it quits and jumped out of the fight.

A few more combat bonds and a good experience and test for "Syren" she is proving to be a formidable combat ship.

Again I dock at home and switch ships, this time to FĂ©roce, my FDL, she has an appointment to see Bill Turner for the final step in her plasma accelerator engineering. With that done it back home once again, and then it's time for bed.

Sunday morning I am up and while still working on my first cup of coffee I glance at the mission board and there is one I just can't turn down. 6 million credits for a one hop run. And as usual when I get to the delivery point, North Dock in this case, there are some even better contracts up for grabs. So two more runs and 12 million credits later, I head back to Ray Gateway where "Hyperion" is ready for a post maintenance test flight.

I take one of the Faulcon technicians with me so that he can monitor all systems after the near fatal flaws I had last time. We have Astra run full diagnostics and everything looks good, I launch and ship and we move to just 8 kilometers away from the station. Hard points deployed and now the new system tests can begin.

I have the shields up but all of the boosters are deactivated, I set up the cell banks and heat sinks, I activate the boosters and punch both shield cell banks and a fraction of a second later the heat sink. The lower grade cell banks don't generate as much heat as the 6A ones were, but even with heating sink punched less than a second later, the heat generation was still too much and it damaged a couple of my modules, so I guess that won't work either. Back to the drawing board.
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