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Karellan Clarke / 23 Sep 3305
8 Month Recap / Conclusion

Personal Log / 8 Month Recap (Conclusion)

Looking back at my time so far with the Pilots Federation I can honestly say that I have done a lot of stupid things. Some of these are detailed in the preceding logs, some I have chosen to keep only in memory. As I have revisited them they have grown into parables that have helped to shape my behavior. For every act of idiocy is like a star extinguished; though it is gone its light still travels...and who can say with what brightness my incompetence will continue to shine?

Most of my efforts so far have been spent toiling away at somewhat mundane tasks with the goal of building and refining my assets. Of course there is more to do in this regard, but I feel like a new threshold has been reached. I now arguably have the best small to medium combat vessels humanity has to offer; all fitted with the desired modules as well as some degree of engineering. This is what I had set out for. It's time to start enjoying the fruits of my labor!

I recently outfitted my Chieftain with a large fixed beam which has proven useful for practicing FA off maneuvering. At 2.5 pips in WEP I can maintain the beam indefinitely, it is just a matter of managing my distance and holding on target - easier said then done. I am ashamed to admit that sometimes even Anacondas get range on me during a heated battle. I should continue to review MOXEN WOLF's training videos.

Although I have embraced my time alone out there, I am starting to worry that my isolation is gradually leading into space madness. I have made some connections during the last few months, but for the most part I have neglected to follow up with them. There are still many things I need to figure out on my own.

Sometime ago I was mysteriously contacted by CMDR's ANDY POLARIS and NIGHTHAWK BLACK. I thought they were attempting to interdict me so I evaded them by swooping through the rings of nearby gas giant. An Outlaw pirate squadron commander, and a Terrorist EMPIRE affiliate. Friends or potential threats? Either way a humbling battle would be welcome...

After reading some of his logs I contacted CMDR KAPAROV. He is the leader of the RASA NETWORK squadron who I have been passively supporting. This enigmatic group of independent pilots show some parallels to my own interests. I will keep this in mind next time I pass near 4 CAMELOPARDALIS.

Just last week while cruising through SUN TU I bumped into a CMDR 420BUDMAN. I'm not sure what it was, but there was something about that name which drew me in. His profile reads that he is an ANTI-XENO ACTIVIST - which reminds me...

It is time to equip my Krait with those Gauss Canons I worked so hard to acquire. The insect army is upon us. There are rumors that abducted humans are being turned into slaves for their underground sugar mines. Whatever the true reasons are for this conflict, I mustn't remain idle.

Although its only been 10 months since I joined the PF, my life prior to this seems like that of a stranger. Once I was playing in the sand like a child when a wave crashed over me sweeping away all that I knew. Yet that same wave deposited with it new playthings and new possibilities. Who knows what the galaxy will toss at me next, or perhaps…what I will toss at it?
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