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Kezika / 09 Sep 3305
Some Coachbuilding

Client Kezika Wylair reclined back in one of the plush recliners in the Perihelion Parlour overlooking the docking bay of Bamford City, a crystal flute of Anlian Gin in her right hand.

The panoramic ALON windows where she sat in the inner lounge offering a view of the docking bay from the edge of the "mailslot." She was watching with anticipation for her business contact to arrive, while ocassionally glancing over to her Lakon Type-10 on the far side of the bay.

She had hired the services of Jet Transport Ltd., a specialized bespoke coachbuilder from the HIP 19767 system. Well known through the area especially for their plush mattresses and sofas. However, Kezika desired those attributes for a different use.

Roughly an hour went by before she saw what she waited for, a Fer-de-Lance bearing the Jet Transport logo. She quickly made note of the assigned landing pad and made her way out of the lounge and to the nearby lift hub. From there she took a ring lift over to the correct side, and then from there grabbed one of the bay taxis out to the corresponding landing pad where her contact, was already waiting.

"Greetings, I'm Christopher Sutherland, would you care to see any of the model cabins on the Fer-de-Lance ma'am?" he inquired.

"Oh, no need, I have some specifics in mind, hop in if you will, I can explain better there," Kezika replied

Christopher joined her in the taxi, and Kezika entered the pad # assigned to Warden Amala, her Lakon Type-10. Being only two pads over it only took about a minute.

Kezika and Christopher stepped out onto the large landing pad and started making their way across and under the ship to the entry airlock, with some idle discussion of the project deadline, etcetera.

Once inside the ship, Kezika led Christopher down a level and into one of the installed prefabricated economy class passenger cabins. Not much more than some beds in cavities in the wall meant to be able to fit the most people in the space as possible.

Confusedly Christopher piped up, "This is an economy class ma'am, you want us to make this bespoke?"

"Oh, yes, I have heard your company has quite a reputation in plush accoutrements, and I have ideas to curb a problem of one of my clients if you will. We routinely have some g-force related injuries that costs them money upon delivery…" replied Kezika.

"Oh, you Imperials and your indentured servitude…" mumbled Christopher.

"Oh heavens no, even they don't get such base accommodations as these. The passengers here are more criminal in nature, my client is Hodack." explained Kezika, to which Christopher just stared blankly.

With a sigh, Kezika continued "Padded cells, I need padded cells, secure ones… Also a small guard office in each economy cabin, you may rip out two columns of the prefab beds for that."

"I see, how will that alleviate the injuries you mentioned though?" Christopher inquired.

"Rescues are often attempted on my passengers, the resulting combat can throw them around a bit, and the current shackle and belt system still will leave some bruising at times, and in severe enough circumstances minor internal injuries."

"However, with adequate soft padding on each surface of the chamber and a secure door, the passengers can be secured without the need of shackles and can float, secured using a restraint jacket of antique Earth design, and protected from impact by the cushioning itself." Kezika finished.

"A bit different from our normal builds, but should be feasible enough. If you bring the ship to Tarski Relay and give us a week we should be able to complete all of your cabins. 2 million credits should be sufficient for this.

"Would it be possible to get that completed in two days actually, multiple teams or such, with adequate compensation of course…" Kezika inquired.

"Yes, that can be done, we would just have to have one team per cabin however, which would make the price 1 million credits administration fee and then an additional 1 million credits per cabin." replied Chris after a moment of thought.

"You have a deal then, my steward Lupita here will follow you back to HIP 19767 with the ship and be your point of contact regarding any progress with it." Kezika said, "Allow me to take you back over to your ship then, is a pleasure doing business."
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