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Camper Van Beethoven / 11 Sep 3305

Today I reached the 3rd, 4th, and 5th neutron stars on my journey. I have found that there seem to be 2 breeds of Neutron Stars. There's a more violent type and a gentler type. The more violent tends to scare me a little bit more because I may or may not have PTSD of getting sucked into the gravity well of the white dwarf star at LP 131-66 and getting torn apart slowly. I also plotted the wrong star for the second one and ended up going 140 LY out of my way before I realized it. For the sake of the jump count I'll pretend those jumps didn't exist. Every now and then I run into a series of T and L class stars which would scare me about losing fuel if my fuel tank weren't so big. This truly is a frightening journey. I'm gathering so much Universal Cartographics and the threat of getting sucked into the Neutron Stars becomes more and more frightening. I've also mapped a couple planets with my DSS but the result of one of those endeavors was me flying into the planets next to invisible rings which damaged my FSD a little. I enjoy looking at my jump range telling me I can jump like 100 LY it's entertaining in and of itself. I think the variation on stars and what I'm seeing as well as the cyberpunk music so far has made this journey far less grueling than it ought to have been from the start. However, I fear once the novelty of Neutron Stars wears off I will succumb to boredom. However, I looked back at Alioth from where I was. 1700 LY away. 1700 LY flew by so maybe this will go faster than I think. Whatever the case, 74/777 jumps completed. We still got a long long way to go.
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