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Un1k0rn / 11 Sep 3305
Logbook entry 2:

I've just returned from a sortie in a local Resource Exrtraction Site (RES) in the Dromi system.

I had prior equipped my Sidewinder, the Snakebite, with a lot of armour and shield technology. Basically, I removed all her cargo capacity, and her SRV bay, to maximise the protection she could afford me with the limited stock available here in the district.

I then went into the RES, and flew alongside the local authorities, helping them dispatch wanted pilots.

I was able to do so well that I was promoted to Mostly Harmless, and I am also well on the way to my next combat promotion too.

Eventually I was forced out of the area. A pirate hit me good with plasma, and I had to run an emergency reboot/repair to get my engines back up and running. But that was not before the promotion.

Upon return to Mawson Dock, I decided to buy a second ship, as I was able to accrue just under 800k credits from my combat operations today. The ship I purchased was a Viper Mk III, which I have named Rattler. With the purchase of a ship outright designed for combat, I have reverted the Snakebite's loadout to a light multipurpose loadout, with 6t cargo, and an SRV bay.

The Rattler has been armed with a bigger class of lasers, as well as a pair of cannons. The cannons are important as it means I now have significantly more firepower against hull, considering lasers are more tuned at taking down shields. Two chaff launchers and a shield cell bank complete the loadout, alongside the requisite armour reinforcements. If I get my engines knocked out again, I'll be ready.

Of course she's also much faster and more agile. To be frank, there's no downsides here, not in combat.

I'm not sure if I'll be taking the new ship out today. I have some work to do here on my personal computer terminal. If I feel like I have enough energy, I may return to the RES before the end of the day.

~CMDR Matt "Un1k0rn" Smith
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