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Korz / 13 Sep 3305
Got Home Early

It's Thursday September 12th 3305, I awake somewhat early for not having an alarm set, but then again, I suppose you could consider my kitten climbing on my chest a wake up call. I put Bella on the floor and make my way to the galley, "Good morning Astra, would you please run diagnostics and prepare the ship for departure" she replies "Good morning commander, right away" I get to the delicate task of attempting to make the perfect omelette,  or in my case, one that doesn't fall apart when I move it and it actually looks like an omelette. Coffee is done, breakfast came out looking not entirely unlike and omelette, so it's progress anyway.

"The ship is ready for departure, course set for Diaguandri, Ray Gateway sir. Ready when you are", "Thank you Astra, great job as always" I say back to the ships AI. I feed Bella her breakfast and then we move up into the cockpit of the Krait Phantom "Prodromus" I settle into my seat and Bella has jumped up into the jump seat behind me. I engage the thrusters and we leap off of the surface of the moon we landed on last night. I gain some forward speed and pull the nose up to 90 degrees "Engaging Super-cruise" Astra confirms.

As we are clearing the planet and preparing for the first hyperspace jump, I looked at my nav panel, 82 jumps, I really thought I did more last night, but I guess not. Lets see if I can make it home in one day. So it starts, jump,scan, scoop, jump, and this keeps up for a few hours and we are finally seeing numbers that look a lot lower. I grab a quick bite for lunch and keep pressing. 16 then 10 then 3 it seems the jumps go by quickly and before I know it I see Diaguandri on the HUD.

The ship drops out of hyperspace and into super-cruise and we make the quick journey to Ray Gateway. I land and put the phantom in her hangar. I send the new systems monitor data to Jean, but it's a bit late so she probably won't see it until tomorrow.

Bella and I head up to our place to have some dinner and then get some sleep to be ready for Friday, it's date night with Jean and we get to talk about the new systems monitor results.
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Achille's Spear
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Following her orders
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Slowing down for a bit
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No 5
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