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Korz / 15 Sep 3305
No 5

I am beginning to think I might have a problem, I seem to be collecting ships at a rather prodigious rate. However I have discovered that I really like both bounty hunting and keeping the miners safe in extraction zones. So combat ships with an edge are the ones I have been buying lately.

I picked up an Eagle a couple of days ago, they are really on the inexpensive side as they are so small. I outfitted mine with a beam laser and two rail guns. I didn't have high hopes as the ship is inherently weak and I have put down many of these in the last couple of months. I expect my first trip bounty hunting will result in my return trip being in my escape pod.

I return to normal space near the nav beacon and start looking for my first engagement. I find an Adder that's wanted and the pilot is rated as competent. I line up behind him and hit him with the beam laser, his shields go down fighting in about 10 seconds, and then I line up my first shot with the rail guns, bzzzzzzzzoooommmm is the sound they made and the little Adder simply exploded " I like these" I say to myself so I pick progressively hard and harder targets and then I see the system authority engaging a short distance away, I lock onto the target and it is an Anaconda with a Dangerous rated pilot. I thing, what the heck, lets see how this plays out.

I close the distance and attack from the side, I hit it with the beam laser and three consecutive volleys of the rail guns. The system ships hadn't even begun to damage his shields and so I take on the fight and bring his shields down with hit after hit of the rails, and the beam laser almost never stops punishing his shields.

I get his hull exposed and start pounding with the rails, I pull the trigger on them every time they cool down. The mighty Anaconda just can't get a shot on me, this thing is way to maneuverable for the big ship. He finally succumbs to the rails and explodes into a large debris field. "Wow I can't believe how good this ship is" I think to myself. A few minutes later, a deadly rated Mamba jumps in and is wanted. I initiate the fight with the beam laser and the rails at the same time. I have a lot of respect for those ships as I have had thorough lashings by one before. But the fast ship can't turn like I can and I keep up the pounding with both the laser and the twin rail guns and before long he is done. "That's enough proof for me" I think and I head back to the station. This has been fun.

After I get back I am walking on the second level and I spot the Zorgon Peterson office so I casually walk in, not thinking anything of it, but the Mamba I just took down has me wanting to see one up close. "Welcome to Zorgon Peterson" an Achille's robot greets me as I walk in, "How can I help you" it offers. "I'd like to look at a Mamba please" I tell it. The robot take me over to Mark the human sales rep and we walk over to the showroom floor where a beautiful sleek looking Mamba sits side by side with the Fer-De-Lance. I walk up the entry stairs and into the lower level of the ship. You can tell this design is new, you can also tell it was built for racing. Not as elegant and as well appointed as the FDL, but still a beautiful ship with two comfortable cabins and a nice galley and lounge area.

I thank Mark for the tour and I walk out and head over to the lifts for the residential levels. I arrive at Jeans apartment a short time later and she greets me by jumping up on me and wrapping her legs around me in a full body hug "Guess what" she prompts "um, I'm guessing the systems monitor numbers were good" I reply.

"They were 45% more efficient and captured more data than any previous systems monitor before them" Jean squeals in delight. "Congrats baby!!" I exclaim. "The spaceflight systems design branch has offered to transfer me as paid internship until my degree is finished in December" Jean tells me. "So where is that design team located?" I ask. "Mars is the build lab" she tells me. "Sol is 127ly from here, does this mean your leaving?" my heart sinks as I ask that question. "No I am not moving" she assures me. "I will have a different office here on the station, and the plans we design are sent to the build lab. Occasionally I will travel there only for the final build checks and installation and testing of the teams designs" she tells me.

"Outstanding" I offer. "There are times I will be gone for a little while for the final stages of the process, the company has apartments for us at the home office" she tells me. "I will miss you but it's important that we are there for those stages" "I totally understand baby, no issues" I assure her.

We head off for taco's and tequila and enjoy our date that night. We get back to my place around 11pm and I am mulling about on my terminal, I can't get the Mamba out of my head, I play around with the build and buy site and see what type of monster I can create. Jean is looking over notes her new design team sent her regarding the current team project. I outfit the Mamba as a top of the line bounty hunter and for some reason I just clicked the buy button.

For what it is, 80 million isn't a bad price I tell myself. I look over at the beauty sitting next to me on the couch and casually tell her I just bought a Mamba. She glances over at me and says "Was wondering when you were going to get the bug for that ship" dang this girl knows me better than I do I think.
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15 Sep 3305
No 5
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