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AustralianChaos / 21 Sep 3305
SuperNova Trek; Day 3 - Back With A Sputter

September 21, 3305
Day 3: Back With A Sputter

And there we have it. Three days, and we’re back at Kunti, relaxing in one of the pilot lounges while CMDR Piecey has his ship looked at. Short, but interesting trip.

The journey home was not without its issues though. For myself, the journey was routine enough, with a lone terraformable water world to break up the monotony. For Piecey, amongst the terraformables and water worlds he found, his ship decided this short journey disagreed with her. Plagued with software troubles and malfunctions that saw his ship pulled into realspace and shut down constantly. Troubleshooting on the fly did little to resolve the issues, so all I could do was slow down to stay close to him while his Diamondback limped back home. The issues seemed to settle after an extended time with non-emergency systems shut off, but all the same, after working with some contacts to fit his ship with a brand new Guardian Booster, the ship’s now in the capable hands of the mechanics at Hughes Enterprise, who will hopefully be able to find and deal with the source of the malfunctions. The last place you want your ship to go haywire is way out in the black, weeks from the nearest help.

That thankfully minor incident aside, this first trip for my friend was a successful one. We saw some incredible sights, explored some ancient ruins, and gave my friend a taste of the life of an explorer he may yet pursue even further. So tonight we toast our success, and tomorrow it’s back to the daily grind of being an independent pilot.

I’ve still got plenty of things I want to do in the wake of my trip to Beagle Point that should keep me busy for quite some time. If I feel any of it is worth sharing, you all know where to find me. Until then, happy jumping, Commanders!

CMDR AustralianChaos, signing off and shutting down.
21/09/3305 1000
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