Logbook entry

Tredwell / 30 Sep 3305
Experiencing the Engineers

Since returning from Beagle Point I have been working on visiting the engineers. It's not so hard as I thought. Felicity Farseer provided me with the encouragement to make progress and maximise the modules on the ship.  

I purchased a Diamondback Explorer and set off to the Guardian sites, believing that this would be the next engineering upgrade that would suit my exploration style, however as much fun as it was in getting the materials, I was disappointed in the fact that I only got an extra 9Lys FSD Jump range increase.

I targeted Liz Ryder as she would give me the invitation to some of the most useful engineers. Establishing I had enough materials to upgrade a Seeker Missile to Grade 5, this gave me an invitation to Etienne Dorne and Hera Tani. I have ignored Etienne for the moment. With a little work, I upgraded Thrusters, Power Plant, Power Distributor, Sensors and my Detailed Surface Scanner. Visiting Dav's Hope and Commander Jameson's crashed site, I was soon able to get enough Materials and Encoded Data to engineer the ships; what I did not have I soon achieved by visiting a relevant Material Trader. It also meant I had Blueprints for modules that could be engineered at a later date.

I soon purchased another ship, which has been a favourite, a Kraite MkII. This was quickly engineered in as many aspects as I had links for, even visiting Elvira Martuuk and making use of her engineering services.

Now comes a problem., the engineer Marco Qwent. He requires Modular Terminals. These items can only be gained by taking passenger missions and accepting Modular Terminals as payment in return for completing the missions.

So, for the moment I shall try out mining for a while, particularly as Void Opals seems to be all the rage at the moment. As a result, I have purchased a Python and kitted her out for mining. Let's see how it goes.
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