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Throwinglegs / 10 Sep 3305
The start

I'm not going to bore you with too many details, but I've been thrown into a situation I didn't ask for, but don't mind being in.

I have inherited the assets and identity of an uncle I was close to. He was a CMDR in the pilot's federation, and a fairly successful one. Before passing, he left me some documents detailing what I would be inheriting, namely almost 2.5B credits, but also his credentials. I'm not entirely sure how that's going to work, but he assured me that the people who would mind won't know, and those who do know will be welcoming.

I've just arrived at the station he specified. Due to his nature of work, or rather MY work now, I won't be naming specifics. That said I've made contact with a local faction, one he worked for and with, who is involved somehow with the Princess. I had always heard my uncle speak positively of her, but I never knew he was working for her! Regardless, while this faction is understanding of my inexperience, they seemed to be under the impression that I'd be expected to take over my uncle's role fairly soon.

For the time being, I've purchased a Saud Kruger Dolpin, a wonderful ship that flies as good as it looks. The shipyard has a large variety of ships available here, from small fighters to haulers, but I've chosen this ship to help reacquaint myself with space flight. Thank to my new HEFTY credit reserves, I've been able to upgrade it's parts as well as modify those parts (thanks for the blueprints Martin!) to make the upcoming shuttle flights easier and shorter.

The operations officer for this faction had given me a list of systems they control or have allies in and has requested I take some work in these areas to help their public image, so off I went to talk to the passenger lounge manager. My first job was to ferry around a wealthy tourist by the name of Octavio Barker to some visitor beacons not too terribly far away.  I was told he may be a bit fussy, but the job should go smoothly.

However, as I was passing through the mail slot, ready to begin my first job, the passenger passed forth some information that I could have used BEFORE I started the job. Apparently he is wanted. He assured me that it's for some sort of business dispute and nothing violent, but would very much appreciate if I kept a low profile and avoided any unnecessary encounters with the police. Sure, great, will do.  Avoiding the police on my first job sounds like something I can do, I hope.

Thankfully everything went smoothly, though we did get scanned once during a fuel stop in LHS 3447 (how many jurisdictions is this guy wanted in?!). Silent running saved our asses on that one. The rest of the trip was uneventful, save for the tourist beacons in Anyayahui and Exioce providing some beautiful views.
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CMDR Throwinglegs
Courier / Bounty hunter
10 Sep 3305
The start
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