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Arne S. Saknussemm / 10 Oct 3305
We live in wonderful times

Only yesterday I was praising the virtues of my little Dolphin "Chrisjen Avasarala" as my favorite ship (so far) and today I'm here again to raise a toast to my DB Exp, the "Camina Drummer".

From a pure stylish point of view there is no match. The lean, streamlined curves of the Saud Kruger small limo are as hot as a type O star and traveling with style is a piece of cake with her. Under the hood she can be a wild girl too and if you need to move some decent amount of commodities, every now and then, she can take her high heels off and do the dirty job with good results. Exploring is not her primary duty but with the right kit she is able to go everywhere (and back) with ease and quite relaxed.

But, as almost everything in life, let's do the job to the pros.

The DB Exp is giving right credit to her name. Lakon put a lot of effort in it and the results are easily seen. Sturdy, powerful, resilient, the moth shaped ship is quite a jumper already with standard modules. The right kit brings her close to 40ly, almost as double as the Dolphin, without a visit to Mrs Farseer, and once I will bring her to the lovely (and expensive) cares of the good old lady I'm pretty sure she will be able to amaze me (the ship, not the old lady) o_-.

Used to the small 2A fuel scoop of the Dolphin, I found myself staring at the dials when I saw the scooping rate of the brand new 4A modules I fit on the DB Exp: O_O  

And her heat management? Do we want to talk about it? Scooping at about 200/s with no temperature increase, filling the tank in something short than three orbits after a 25ly jump! Men, I'm sure this little bookworm will bring me to the other side of the galaxy, five by five! *_*

Do you know what really amaze me of this new life in the Black? The wonder. I started only a month ago and I know I'm only scratching the surface of this new universe but every day, every flight, every docking, every D-Scan of a new system or DSS of a new planet, every people in all those stations, docks, orbitals, settlements...  

"Every second is a new spark that sets the universe aflame"

Fly safe, fly dangerous, fly whatever or wherever but never ever stop flying!
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CMDR Arne S. Saknussemm
Trader / Explorer
10 Oct 3305
We live in wonderful times
Arne S. Saknussemm
08 Oct 3305
Life in the Black, so far.
Arne S. Saknussemm
25 Sep 3305
Keep going, pal!
Arne S. Saknussemm
20 Sep 3305
The journey began. And Ended.
Arne S. Saknussemm
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