Logbook entry

Rex-Cramer / 10 Oct 3305
Less than 5,000LY to go.

Exploration is such a love:hate relationship.  I hate the grind of jump, honk, scan and often enough I leave off the scan part when my eyes get red staring into the FSS scanner.  But I love those moments where something really impressive is seen and you get excited again for a time.   I am about halfway to Sag A now and already a few things really stand out.  Star density is just incredible.  Even more-so than Colonia.  Here you really feel that despite all the wonders, it's next to impossible that anyone else will ever see what you saw.  Taking the route I have which started in a nebula 1500LY from Colonia, I have not stumbled onto a single system explored previously.   Everything I'm seeing, it's the first time it's ever been seen.

While I am working towards a destination and thus not not fully exploring most systems I do try to stop every 4th or 5th jump and get detailed.  Scanning all but the mostly worthless snowballs and stones orbiting gas giants.  I always scan and map any earth-like or water-worlds I find however as long as the distance is reasonable.  I've run into a few treats in those systems I've scanned more fully.

Anemones on a ringed HMC orbiting a close binary pair.

Massive Ice cap on a water world.

Personal favorite - A ringed water world

Signing out for now

CMDR R. Cramer
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