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Kissamies / 11 Oct 3305
A Victory of Sorts

Since the last entry, I have kept up managing the Aseveljet faction practically by myself. The interest has been low. I decided to keep expanding from Kagudi, while seeing how it will goes in Hel. Turns out that the French boys of HFR Corp have some power, even if they are not so focused, so I decided to settle for having a surface outpost in that desolate place. The expansion went to Lie Yu Kou, which was also very inhospitable and already in HFR's hands. The expansion after that was a success. 12 Persei, finally a foothold in Pranav Antal's NLTT 6655 bubble. Only outposts but otherwise a decent place. I moved to quickly increase the influence in the system and contacted the Utopians. They were happy to see an active cooperative faction inside their borders.

While bounty hunting for faction manipulation is also a good way to earn this new Arx currency, it has already become very boring. I long to go for another exploration trip, to see some great sights again, to marvel at the sea of celestial wonder. Perhaps I shall, but first we must get 12 Persei to 75% for further expansions out of Li Yong Rui's space. There is also things happening in the bubble. I will see the first stages of this new initiative at least. Who knows, perhaps the Thargoids are behind the blight. We once tried to kill them off with mycoid particles. Perhaps they are now trying to get rid of us by starving us to death.

I have also finished my tour of all the Powers for their weapons. I really have no use for Retributors, but now my collection is complete. Might do more stints to get more of some of the better weapons, but there is no need for that currently. I'm actually unaffiliated now, which I haven't been for years.
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