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Korz / 14 Oct 3305
Having her back in my arms

After a week and half over in Guardian space. I had all that I needed, so I plotted my course and headed home. I didn't take me long in the Phantom, she has long legs. When I jumped into Diaguandri, I sent a message to Jean to let her know I was inbound.

I make the approach and the landing is smooth and fast. I begin shutting down systems, the ship begins the journey to the hangar. By time we settle into our spot, the ship is ready for my departure. I head to my cabin to grab my pack, by time I emerge I hear the door to the airlock opening and loud series of squeaks and meows coming from my kitten.

Right behind my fuzzy little fur-ball is Jean, my girlfriend for the last few months. She greets me with a kiss that tells me she really missed me. We walk to the elevator and depart the ship together. We head to my apartment to drop off my stuff and allow me to get cleaned up. I go to my room and get our of my Remlok and then jump in the shower while the Remlok goes into it's cleaning unit. I emerge from my room fresh from my shower and in regular clothes, and Jean is at the counter and has poured me a drink. We talk for a few while enjoying our drinks, and she tells me that the systems monitor project she is working on it about to go into the pre production tooling and that it won't be long before she has to head over to Mars to be on-site for the critical phases of her new system.

I am not looking forward to it, but it's part of her life and I accept that, just like she accepts that I go out on adventures. This is a big part of why our relationship is working out so well, but so far, it's been all her putting up with me being gone. I've only had to deal with her going to see her parents so far. So lets see how I handle it.

We discuss the plans for her being away. I will check in on her apartment every few days. Water he plants and make sure all is in order. At some point I will come visit her on Mars.

We head out of my apartment and take the lifts up to one of the shopping districts. We head over to our favorite place for nachos and tequila. We get seated at a high top and I notice at least 5 other guys looking Jean up and down, and I can't blame them, she is simply stunning to look at. If only they knew she has more brains and personality than the curves that have their attention. It makes me beam with pride that this one is dating me, and it is going better than I could have ever hoped.

We put down the pork nachos with everything (Extra Spicy) and a few tequila drinks. Were both feeling pretty good as we stroll around the park at the end of this district. Were talking, making plans for the week as I have a lot of items I need to acquire for the engineering being done to my ships. She has work and packing for her stay on Mars as she does not know exactly when the call will come that they are ready for her. She is getting her extremely long hair done on Tuesday and has a grooming session for Bella on Wednesday.

We make plans, but then it hits us both at the same time, even though we make plans like we just started dating, we end up spending all of our time together when we are home, either she's at my place or I am at hers. We eat together most nights and wake up most mornings together.

It strikes me suddenly, like a ton of metals, I panic, my heart races, but I know it's not time for fight of flight, I am just realizing that I am actually in love with this woman standing before me. She is talking but I am in my own little world right now and her voice is muffled and I can only tell that she is talking, not hearing what she is saying.

Jean senses that I wasn't hearing her even though I was listening, she sees the look on my face and tilts her head slightly sideways as if to look at me another way. I can't talk, I know to keep my mouth shut right now or I will sound like a fool. "I love you" she says in a voice that washes over me like a wave or warmth. This is what I never expected, but nothing has ever felt more right.

I am floored, I calmly say to her " I love you too" and she presses in closer to me and I wrap my arms around her and we kiss for what felt like hours.

We wake up this morning in her apartment, I make us breakfast and coffee, she is on her terminal working away on her project. I look over the news and then start researching where to get what I need to complete my engineering tasks.

We sit here performing our tasks like normal everyday people, oblivious to the galaxy, but I know a war is coming, I know the Thargoid are not done with us, so I will enjoy this happiness as much as I can, hopefully I am wrong, hopefully they have retreated back to their space and will never bother us again, but I will be prepared, in case I am right, but will live my life for now, enjoying every minute with the woman I love back in my arms.
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