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vinnieboJ / 14 Oct 3305
Surprise rank....

Current location: Shinrarta Dezhra, Jameson Memorial.

So, I made it back to the Bubble after my little jaunt into the Void, with a freshly acquired Elite rank in Exploration I was ready to purchase the Federal Corvette. While out there in the black I used Coriolis.io to kit it out and see what would work and stuff. So I arrive at Jameson Memorial ready to throw down a lot of credits on the ship when they tell me I don’t have the required rank yet. Little annoyed at my own foolishness I then decide to transport a few of my ships over to Jameson and start running Federation missions whom give high rep upon completion.

4 days later I get a special mission from the Federation, allowing me to rank up within their navy if I complete it. It’s a fairly easy data delivery mission and I complete it without difficulty. The black box salvage missions I’ve been running for most of the days were more dangerous. So with my newly acquired rank of Rear Admiral I stroll towards the shipyard and finally get my hands on this ship.
And oh my god is it huge… the bridge alone is bigger than a fighter bay it seems. I decide to kit it out a little already according to the set up I made on Coriolis. Took it out for a spin and holy moly, it is so maneuverable for such a huge ship. It appears to pitch faster than my trusty Python.

Since purchasing the corvette and outfitting it to some degree put quite the dent in my wallet, even with the 10% discount offered on Jameson. I decide to refit my Python from data and commodity running to deep core mining and set out to find some Void Opals. Trying out my luck just outside of the bubble, it did not took me too long to find a proper hotspot. 3 hours later my hold is filled with Void Opals and a few Low Temperature Diamonds, I set course back towards the bubble. And while I’m jumping back checking out the Inara.cz database to find the nearest station that buys the Opals for the highest prize.
I go and start selling off my cargo and decide to hand in some of my exploration data when I get a message. Thinking it’s the usual message letting me know that my status with the controlling faction of the station has increased, imagine my surprise when it actually was a message from the Pilot’s Federation, letting me know that I just reached the rank of Elite in trading. So now I’m two thirds on my way of reaching triple Elite status.

I am planning on going out for another Void Opal run, then finish outfitting my Corvette and start chipping away at my combat rank. And I am also planning on unlocking more of the Engineers and start engineering my ships a little more serious. So far the only thing I engineered the most is the FSD module in some of my ships, because it is nice to have an increased FSD range when you go exploring. I came across a couple of video’s on the GalacticTube detailing which blueprints are essential, and what benefits you can get if you properly engineer a Corvette. But that will take me some significant time, money and grind to get to that point.

Let’s fill up this hold with opals….

CMDR Vincent ‘VinnieboJ’ duBronck signing off.

See you out in the Void CMDR’s!
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