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AustralianChaos / 24 Oct 3305
Royal Serenity; Day 2 - Duval Majesty

October 24, 3305
Day 2: Duval Majesty

Say hello to the Serenity! The livery absolutely isn’t Gutamaya standard, and probably doesn’t fit with a ship running for Aisling...I imagine the standard there is some kind of blue and white flowing livery. But I wanted a personal touch to it, so yellow and black it is.

I left home yesterday, making the trip out to Cubeo to officially pledge allegiance to Aisling and her backers. The Clipper flies beautifully, and is very well appointed. I do love the Gutamaya and Saud Kruger ships. What can I say, as a born and raised Imperial, I love the style and opulence of them, while still having enough utility to run with the rest of the fleets out there.

I was surprised upon arrival at Chelomey Orbital to see a big dockyard beside the main station. I shouldn’t have been, though...as the Princess’ headquarters, there would naturally need to be somewhere for the enormous Majestic-class Interdictors to dock and repair. There were two of them outside the station undergoing repairs when I arrived. I must admit, I would love to have my own one of those...but I doubt I’ll ever be of high enough standing within the Empire to be allowed one. Plus, the thought of having to organise and crew such a thing. I’m already trying to figure out the logistics of the Fleet Carriers that are meant to be released for independent pilots to aquire soon. Still, one can dream…

In any case, I docked, and spent most of the day from that point on going through all the background checks and paperwork needed to become one of Aisling’s supporters. They didn’t seem terribly pleased to see my shipyard records having a couple of Federation ships, including a Corvette, under my name. But we got things sorted, and finally I was approved to begin work.

No details, of course, but I was given permission as I left the station to fly in close to the docked interdictors. Amazing feeling, flying so close to such a massive ship. Much more luxurious than the Federal battle cruisers, I imagine.

Still, I set off, and the last day has been spent doing simple work. Nothing much to tell, and can’t really tell it, regardless, so logs for this adventure may be smaller and less frequent than anticipated. We’ll have to wait and see. For now, though, it’s back to work.

CMDR AustralianChaos, signing off.
24/10/3305 0030
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