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Admiralmeep / 27 Oct 3305
What's this?

What's this? I was digging through my controls on my ship and happened to find this... thing? What is it? A notepad? A PDA? I don't know how this thing works other than I can make notes and stuff... I guess I'll have to figure this out. Anyways, I'll treat this like a sort of, memory log? I guess. I dunno.

Just took a few moment to scroll through this and it turns out I can have other people read these apparently? Huh, I guess I'll have this be my first public entry.

A little bit about myself then. I'm a Fuel Rat, and I primarily do mining as my career. Ummm... what else do I say? I've been doing this since, the end of 3304. The furthest I've journeyed to is the Omega Mining Operation. I hope I can get to Colonia, maybe even Sagatarious A* at some point.

Well, I have some rocks to mine, and my wing is waiting on me. Have fun out there in the Black, and keep an eye on your fuel gauge.
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23 Nov 3305
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31 Oct 3305
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27 Oct 3305
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